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Law Essays

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Definition and Comparison of the Legal Terms Search and Seizure

Search entails the procedure undertaken by agents under authorization by state law as they examine a suspect or individual’s property in a quest to identify particular items that are associated with a criminal act they hold the reason to believe has been committed. On the other hand, a seizure takes …

Unfair Bails Cause Overpopulated Jails

This issue and will analyze how excessive bail fines can lead to dramatic increases in prison In today’s time, it is unimaginable how such injustices can be performed by the judicial system. These injustices take away numerous citizens’ simple constitutional rights. The constitutional rights that have repeatedly been violated by …

Judiciary, Rights and Basic Principles

There are two court systems which are federal and state. The court that has the jurisdiction over a case can make the only legally binding decisions in a case. Criminal cases can be tried in both federal and state jurisdictions and not fall under double jeopardy because these cases fall …

Federalist or Anti-federalist: Who Would You Be

What do it mean to be a “federalist” and an “anti-federalist”? To be a federalist means to support the fact that the constitution limited the constitution and not the people. Federalist(s) want control over several states. To be an “anti-federalist” means to support the fact that the constitution gave the …

Important Public Policy Objectives

This essay argues that case law of the ECJ has swung unfavourably to promote intra-EU trade rather than protect important public policy aims to the downfall of member States (MS) sovereignty. In so doing, it will analyse the legal development of case law surrounding Article 34 TFEU (i.e. Measures Equivalent …

Contract Law To Enforce The Contract

Yes, the Contract Act could have been used to enforce the surrogate mothers contract. Comparable to many other contractual contracts, the surrogacy is made up of two parties who voluntarily enter into an agreement. The principle of freedom of contract provides that the courts should, to the extent possible, respect …

The Types of Sexual Offenses and Offenders

The sexual offenses that occur in society today can range from sexually motivated rape to child molestation and many other types of sexual offenses. There are also various different theories to help explain a person’s predisposition to commit a sexual offense or motivating factors that lead to their offending. Sexual …

About The Case in Los Angeles

The following 4 days on a Friday verdicts came 13 years to the day after a Los Angeles jury acquitted Simpson of killing his ex- wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman, was thrilled with the result. O.J. Simpson faces spending the rest of …

The Silent Violence: Sexual Harassment Abuse

Sexual harassment abuse has been an issue since the beginning of the human race. Even since the start of civilization, one of the most common themes among nations is the rape and pillage of an enemy. Even though we as a society no longer rape or pillage, there are still …

Policy Streams Theory And Sexual Harassment

John Kingdon’s Policy Streams theory describes policy formation as the result of the flow of three “streams,” the problem stream, the policy stream, and the politics stream, and when they all come together, a policy window opens which allows for the facilitation of policy change. Those who advocate and push …

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