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Social Issues Essays

Employment Discrimination Research Paper

“Sexual harassment encompasses the request for sexual favors as well as touching, joking, commenting, or distributing material of a sexual nature that an employee has not consented to and finds offensive” (Moran, 2013). Evidence needs to be established that the employer’s motivator to not submit the refusal was based on …

Prenatal Gender Selection: Genetic Culling is Changing the World

In the modern day, amazing progress has been made in technologies surrounding pregnancies and births. One of these technologies is the ability to select the gender of a child before birth. Known as prenatal gender selection, this has many positive impacts upon society, including preventing gender-related genetic diseases, and family …

A History of Discrimination: Women In America

A The United States has long had a history of excluding certain races and religions based on how their views differ from that of society in the United States as a whole. While many people acknowledge the lack of inclusion and respect when it comes to those from different cultures, …

Discrimination in Lagos Is Becoming Uncontrollable

The practice of being unjust to others due to their status should be discarded immediately. The people of Lagos faces sex-, religion-, age- and tribal-based discriminations. The discriminators prey on people’s feelings, therefore causing harm to vulnerable people as some of them resort to suicide. Hence, perpetuators should be severely …

Respect, One of the Army Values

The consumption of alcohol is a great component as to why sexual assault still occurs in the Army. Approximately 44 percent of sexual assault crimes involve the consumption of alcohol, by the victim, the offender, and even sometimes both. Being under the influence has also been proven to increase aggression, …

Unfair Bails Cause Overpopulated Jails

This issue and will analyze how excessive bail fines can lead to dramatic increases in prison In today’s time, it is unimaginable how such injustices can be performed by the judicial system. These injustices take away numerous citizens’ simple constitutional rights. The constitutional rights that have repeatedly been violated by …

Volunteering Is What Builds Community

Volunteering, for the most part, is considered a selfless act where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain to benefit the other group, person, or community. Volunteering can also be used to help form skills and is usually meant to encourage goodness or to help …

Issues Affecting Hispanic American Students in their Academics

Summary of the Articles Barbosa, L. L. (2014). A study of college access and academic success among first-generation Hispanic language minority students at the community college level. Research Problem The research aims to address the challenges faced by Hispanics in their quest for educational achievements. The attempt toward higher education …

Volunteer Experience at the Catskill Animal Shelter

The volunteer experience I have gained throughout the past couple of weeks at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary has been incredibly valuable. Not only were the staff welcoming and knowledgeable, but the animals were welcoming as well. The staff worked hard to create a friendly environment for volunteers and visitors. The …

Corporate Policy and Ethics at TechFite

Abstract TechFite is a company based in the United Kingdom that has recently expanded its manufacturing operations to the United States. TechFite has an outstanding reputation as an organization that empowers its members through different ways including leadership development and facilitation of employee relations. The company also strongly believes in …

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