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Human Rights Essays

Discrimination in Lagos Is Becoming Uncontrollable

The practice of being unjust to others due to their status should be discarded immediately. The people of Lagos faces sex-, religion-, age- and tribal-based discriminations. The discriminators prey on people’s feelings, therefore causing harm to vulnerable people as some of them resort to suicide. Hence, perpetuators should be severely …

The Importance Of Online Privacy

Have you ever Google’d yourself? What did you find? Have you read your “Rate My Professor” reviews? What if one of your students wrote a review that was dishonest, or worse, depicted you in a negative light? Have you ever wondered what happens to Yelp reviews? Do they remain online …

Difficulties In Their Working Life And Injustice

Nothing great was ever accomplished without making a sacrifice. In the essay “Songs of a Son”, “From the Dark Tower” and A ”Black Man Talks of Reaping” the main focus of these poems is sacrifice. But, sacrifice was not the only problem they faced. They faced hardship in their work …

Is It Important to Live In Democarcy

Democracy means a system of government filled of representatives of the states voted by the people. How democracy works is giving everyone a chances to vote, every vote equals the same amount of weight, The government uses Democracy to elect officials. With democracy the people are able vote on someone …

The Social Identity Human

Refers to that sense that a person gets to know who he/she is basing on their group membership. It can be termed as the self-concept that an individual derives from one’s perception of being a member of a relevant social group. As an individual, I am part of social identities …

The Racism, Prejudice, Or Xenophobia

Are words homogeneous to an ongoing complication our population has faced for over thousands of years. The ideology underlying these racist practices often includes the idea that humans can be subdivided into distinct groups that are different due to their social behavior and their innate capacities as well as the …

Big Social Problem - Racism

Racism is most likely the biggest social problem that all people face in the world today. Many people may have thought racial discrimination was gone once enslavement abolished, but that is not the case. Being criticized by what skin color a person is or what they look like, is something …

Effects of Gun Control

As the effects of gun control become an increasing topic of current events, it is time that we take the initiative to learn each side of gun control; strong and weak. Stated in the constitution, “Citizens have the right to bear arms” (2nd amendment, Bill of Rights). This is the …

Ability To Speak And Express Yourself

The word is powerful. It can be used to attack, to defend, or simply to deliver the information. Ability to speak and therefore express yourself is so important that it was given a protection under First Amendment:’Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the …

Golden Rule Of Morality

I believe in the Golden Rule: treat others as I wish to be treated. In order to treat myself and others with fairness and consider all perspectives, I employ empathy. The title suggests that nurturing contrasting perspectives assures the health of a discipline, but how can one nurture contrasting perspectives? …

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