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Big Social Problem – Racism

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Racism is most likely the biggest social problem that all people face in the world today. Many people may have thought racial discrimination was gone once enslavement abolished, but that is not the case. Being criticized by what skin color a person is or what they look like, is something that everyone should not still be dealing with in this world today. Not only do human beings have continuing problems with racialism in this country, but racialism is a worldwide problem that leads to countless wars and conflicts. It also is at the root of much of the injustice and deficiency of the world. Racism is something that society still deals with to this day and being constantly attacked, physically or verbally, affects a persons’ quality of life such as ongoing feelings of sadness, depression, and anger. An individual being physically or verbally attacked because of their skin color or what they look like can affect the persons’ wellbeing.

Some people feel the need to be biased and say harmful things to other people knowing it can cause them to have ongoing feeling of sadness, anger, or depression.  Some do not take it into consideration that being racist can seriously affect a persons’ health. Being biased also causes a person to commit or attempt suicide because they do not want to deal with being criticized by what they look like, talk like, or their skin color is. Not only is racism wrong and makes individuals feel awful about whom they are although it makes the person being racist look even worse. Being physically or verbally assaulted, constantly, affects an individual’s health considering that racial discrimination is something that society still deals with in this world today. People need to all be treated equal regardless of what they look like, or even do that make them who they are.

One does not choose if they are Black, Native American, White, or anything. It is something that people are born as and to be teased and made fun of for that is just hysterical. Without all these different types of individuals and everyone attempting to gather together for a single goal, we may not be capable of discovering new things and proceed with our society. Racial discrimination is a major obstacle yet also an easy and simple change. Everyone develops how they are guided to behave by their guardians and the only way to stop racism is to expose this recent generation not to look at color.

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