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Inspiration Essays

Derrick Coleman Is a Source of Inspiration for the Deaf Community

Derrick Coleman was born on October 18, 1990 in California. He was pronounced deaf in his left ear and later lost hearing in his right ear. He had to begin adapting to his hearing loss at the age of three. The rest of his family was hearing, and he attended …

Music as a Way to Express Your Feelings

Music has long been part of society throughout generations. Since its beginning, it has branched off into many new genres and has various interpretations to listeners. No matter what is produced, composed, sang, or played, music is a way for an artist to express their feelings and become relatable to …

Social Media as an Important Tool of Digital Marketing Strategy

Before entering the concept of social media, I think it is interesting to start with the definition of what digital marketing is, since both are related, but not the same phenomenon, once a digital marketing strategy involves interaction with potential clients in social media through resources and digital technologies. In …

Inspire and Motivate Through Transformational Leadership

The theory of transformational leadership is a paradigm defended by a variety of authors such as James Burns. The goal of transformational leadership is very simple: to lead to a’transformation’ of the people and their organizations. This theory assumes that people follow a person who inspires them and gives them …

Two Powerful Empires - So Similar and So Different

There are several nice empires over several centuries two of that are the Romanian Empire and therefore the Han dynasty Empire of China. Whereas these two elite empires are similar, they’re additionally totally different in many ways. They need every created a extremely large impact in history in connexion length, …

The Tragedy in the Novel ”Snows of Kilimanjaro” by Ernest Hemingway

Written by Ernest Hemingway in 1936, The Snows of Kilimanjaro is a short story which fits the description of the tragedy genre of writing. The short story uses a limited third-person narrator point of view. The narrator pays particular attention on the perspective of Harry, a character of a dying …

Qualities That Every Leader Should Have

Leadership course helps build self-confidence and wisdom, empowerment to succeed, and valuable skills needed to become a great leader. The course was about leadership and the significance of being a great leader. This given paper will include information learned throughout the course, nursing informatics, and how nursing informatics or technology …

Margaret Newman’s Theory of Health

Margaret Newman was an inspiration theorist among others. Before she attended nursing school, she became the primary caregiver to her mother who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. By then she felt a call of nursing prior to entering the field. Upon entering to nursing, she knew immediately that nursing …

What Is the Value of Life? Really in the Money?

What is the value of life? We will never really know the true definition of the value of life because it is all up to each of us individually; we all have different perspectives on what we think life really is worth. However being, some people place a monetary value …

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