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Inspiration Essays

Creative Inspiration

Bloomerang is a company that was founded by two former classmates, Thian Zhiwen and Wong Joon Ian. Their first product is BloomerHang®, a clothes hanger transformed into a novel, eco-friendly advertising platform. The more interesting aspect is that it is made of recycled cardboard and thus is completely biodegradable and …

Slumdog Millionaire: An Inspiration or an Offense

Slumdog Millionaire with eight Oscars to its credit whisking millions with its real time rendezvous with slum children of India unfortunately bagged shocking waves of criticism from Indians. They rendered very title of Slumdog derogatory to the people of slums. The very essence of Slumdog Millionaire raises the perverse questions …

My Inspiration

The person that inspires me the most is my mom.Why????? First of all she’s the one that gave me LIFE! She is the person that I admire because… well… there is a whole bunch of reasons why I admire HER. One reason is that she is always there for me. …

Bill Gates: The Inspirational Leader

William H. Gates (Bill Gates) is a visionary man who uses that gift to advance technology and extend the boundary of what software and machines can do. As a result of his work, he had widely influenced many peoples; and along the line he became the true entrepreneur. Bill Gates …

Pulmonary Ventilation or Breathing

Pulmonary Ventilation or breathing has two phases. Inspiration or inhalation moves air into the lungs, and expiration or exhalation moves are out of the lungs. The lungs are enclosed within the thoracic cavity. Thus changes in the shape and size of the thoracic cavity result in changes in the air …

Life Can Be Sweet

Life can be sweet, but it can also be bitter. you may think that things will come easily, but truth be told…they don’t. you sometimes have to work very hard to achieve the goals you want in life, but always remember to stay strong and don’t let anyone tell you …

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