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Honor Essays

The Unique and Extensively Long History of Animation 

Colors swirl in front of the eyes of the audience as they stare in awe. The motion on the screen entrancing to anyone who looks, but it is not real. It is a picture after picture labored through hours drawing again and again to create motion for all to see. …

For Cause and Comrades Book Review

Why Men Fought in the Civil War offers perusers an uncommon look at the private existences of Civil War warriors. Through a great utilization of the letters and journals having a place with more than one thousand men, from both Association and Confederate armed forces, James McPherson can weave together …

Deism vs Puritanism in 18th Century America

The back half of the 18th century was a time of great change in the Thirteen Colonies. The road to independence was being established, while at the same time, significant shifts in theology, thinking, and reason were taking place. The Puritans and the Deists, two groups who were seemingly worlds …

The Unique Status of Tribes in the American System of Government

“We the people’ has never meant ‘all the people.’” spoke the presidential candidate and Navajo Nation member Mark Charles. When it comes to improving the over four hundred year relationship between Indigenous peoples and the United States this is no easy task. Due to how diverse Indian Country and its …

Where Does the Fault Lie?

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly, is a horror story about a man and the terrible consequences that lurk behind his actions like a shadow. This man’s selfishness and worldly desire never fails to overcome him. He’s a man, but lives as a puppet with a shadow of greed working every limb …

Baroque Music and Handel’s Messiah

Handel’s Messiah is an extremely beloved and famous oratorio. It’s place in the active repertory has been solidified since it’s first performance. The Messiah is a baroque era oratorio and reflects features of this style in its melodic lines, madrigalisms, instrumentation and musical ideas. It is specifically a Handelian oratorio …

Beliefs, Values and Culture in the Palestinian House

Dima is an 18 year old Palestinian individual who has faced a lot of different situations that has helped her become who she is today. Her father and mother were both born in Palestine, they came to the United States in 2006 because her father thought they would have a …

The Story of a War Hero Who Never Touched a Gun

It’s hard to imagine, but there was once a soldier who received the nation’s highest military award, the Medal of Honor, without ever touching a gun. This soldier was Desmond Doss and he was both a war hero and “conscientious objector” during World War II. Although he wanted to desperately …

The Impact of the Vietnam War on the United State

American casualties were increasing and everyone knew it. The economy was also hurting as the U.S. continued to spend astronomical amounts of money on war efforts. “By the end of 1967, nearly half a million American soldiers were serving in Vietnam. Approximately fifteen thousand Americans had been killed and more …

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