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Ambition Essays

Influential Leaders in the Community: Governor Doug Burgum

In the community of Bismarck, there have been an array of influential leaders in the last ten years. Personally, the one that stood out the most, is our current governor, Doug Burgum. From the start of Doug’s life, he was destined for greatness, and had an ambition to him like …

Finding Happiness: A Study of The Necessity of A Moral Compass

Envision a world with people with no moral reference whatsoever. One would think that under certain laws, society would run flawlessly with ease if no one questioned the difference between the good and the bad because there can simply be legal guidelines to follow. A moral compass is an internalized …


Jazz age, as the appellation of 1920s, was one of the memorable and important time to United State. After the World war I, America profited from the selling war materials and industrial production, citizens improved their economic condition which caused the dramatically increasing of consumption level. American enjoyed the extravagant …

Lean In Women, Work, And The Will To Led

Why did you pick this book – What did you expect to learn when you picked this book? I picked this book because it talked about a topic that can easily affect me which is women in business. A lot of the issues that she talked about are things that …

From Lost to Found: A Scholarly Outlook on the Hybrid Experience

At this present time in the novel, Ono’s new identity revolves around valuing self-respect and he accepts it by coming to terms with his past self and taking responsibility for his actions. After the miai, he narrates, “… I find it hard to understand how any man who values self-respect …


Hate crimes and mob violence aren’t anything new, but that fact that hate crimes have gone up almost 60% in 2017 compared to prior years has brought up many questions. Many people think that Donald Trump being in office has given those with radical views more of a platform to …

Statement of purpose

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” This desire helped me to learn many more things in various domains. Right from my school days, I was passionate in science field. Equally important to self-discovery is having the opportunity to study things that …


Manager vs leader Managers use their authority of control and power to have individuals work for them, while leaders use their charisma to inspire people to follow and trust them. Managers order you to do tasks, blame you first for any mistake, and take all the credit for any success, …

Why are women not as ambitious as men? 

Why might women being labeled ambitious is portrayed as a negative quality? Author Sheryl Sanberg excerpt , “Lean In: What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid”, published in the They Say, I Say, argues why women tend to be less ambitious than men when it comes to attaining leadership …


There are some traits that make good leaders, one of which is drive. Drive is a trait in most leaders that is composed of five parts including achievement, ambition, energy, tenacity, and initiative. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had all these components of drive and many other attributes of a …

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