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Terrorism Essays

The Global War on Terrorism

On a Tuesday morning in September America was reduced to a cloud of ash muffled screams. After taking control of four commercial airliners using only handheld box-cutters, three teams of five men and one team of four took out both towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan and the …

Most News is Predictable

Most news is predictable e.g. we know when the G8 summit is, and we know that the Olympics is on every 4 years. But when the unpredictable occurs such as a terrorist attack, it poses difficulties for news companies because they have to organize themselves in a very short time, …

Terrorism and Hezbollah

Hezbollah, one of the most significant organizations presenting a threat to the United States today, is a sophisticated organization with decades worth of refined tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). In an attempt to prepare for this threat their current operational TTPs will be discussed, as will the implications of their …

Able Danger

Able Danger was a classified military planning effort created in early October 1999 to develop an Information Operations Campaign Plan against terrorism. Able Danger gained notoriety when claims that Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, among others, claimed that they have identified the leader (Mohamed Atta) of the 9/11 plot, as well as three …

Response To 9-11

Seven years ago, the United States suffered a major attack on its soil, a terror attack that brought to the surface fears that terrorists were becoming stronger and more cunning devising new ways of hurting nations where it matters most. This attack would witness the demise of hundreds of innocent …

Problems and Prospects for US Counterterrorism Under the Obama Administration

The US government has developed several measures, techniques and strategies that it intends to use to combat and reduce terrorist activities through corporations, its militaries, police departments and put strategies to respond to real and imputed terrorist threat. Terrorism has remained a fore front in many discussions by various governments. …

Domestic Terrorism Argumentative

Introduction For all preoccupation of the US authorities with external terrorist threat expressed in the global war on terror campaign, terrorist groups continue to exist on domestic terrains. The agendas of these groupings vary widely, including anti-government, social, political, reiligous, supremacist, racist issues, as well as unique interests such as, …

Marxism: terrorism and capitalism in Asia

 Marx presents capitalism as the causes of almost all evils in the society. To him, it promotes individualistic or egoistic tendencies that encourage criminal activities in the society. Capitalism enhances poverty, alienation as well as economic distress in the society. He explains that there are two major classes in the …

The Looming Tower, Al-Qaeda and the road to 9/11

Introduction American policies and decisions on the international level have always come under the scanner more times for controversies than appreciation, the reason being the relentless use of devastating technology and force that has caused “approximate” disaster to their intended targets. Approximate in terms of the leveling down of cities …

Terrorism and the Media

What is the meaning of terrorism and the mass media? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary online, the meaning of terrorism is the systematic use of terror as means of coercion. Terrorism has spawned heated debate. Instead of agreeing on the definition of terrorism, social scientists, policy makers, lawyers, and security …

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