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Is It Important to Live In Democarcy

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Democracy means a system of government filled of representatives of the states voted by the people. How democracy works is giving everyone a chances to vote, every vote equals the same amount of weight, The government uses Democracy to elect officials. With democracy the people are able vote on someone to represent them in the government who will help pass laws for us. There are 5 tenements of democracy. The 5 tenements are Worth of the individual, Equality of all Person, Majority Rule, Minority Rights, Necessity Of Compromise, and Individual Freedom. Democracy is very important because without it the people would never be heard or be able to have a voice when it comes to making decisions, without democracy our government would be put all on one person to decide everything.

One problem that will never go away in the world is sexism. Sexism is being prejudice or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex. Before the 1920’s women were limited to do so many things. Back then women was expected to always cook, clean, do laundry, take care kids, and only do house work and or light work, while men were allowed to basically do anything they wanted. Many things women do now they couldn’t do before like for example women couldn’t refuse sex from her husband, Get a credit card, Keep her job if she was pregnant, have a legal abortion in most states, and Read Ms. magazine. The list goes on and on, women were not able to do what they wanted to do legally. In 1920’s is when it all changed, When the war started and men had to report to duty women had to fill in all the mens jobs that’s when the number of working women increased. In 1920’s women were finally able to vote and Flappers were created, women started smoking and always dancing. The women of rights movement is what really gave women a chances to be heard and change things, Susan b. Anthony, lucretia mott, and Elizabeth cady stanton were very important figures in this moment. Women were the last group of people to be able to vote.

Even though things changed for women in 1920s and women were able to vote and finally be as equal as everyone else, there is still sexism in the world today that has to do with women. One big way sexsim is showned these days is men get paid more than women. For example According to Nancy Lough in The conversation she said “WNBA salary was US$71,635, and this year appears to be closer to $75,000. The maximum veteran salary is $113,500. Meanwhile, for the upcoming NBA season, the minimum salary of a professional NBA player is$838,464.” Which means a professional NBA player makes at least $724,964 more than a professional WNBA player, and the only difference is the gender. Research shows a woman is paid 78 cents for every dollar paid to a man doing the same job. (vice sports) Another example is sexual anxiety, According to Liz green from Mookychick “From a very young age, we’re taught that we cannot go about the world as safely as men do. This can lead to a deep mistrust of others, as well as existing in a state of constant vigilance. We scan the streets as we walk, we choose where and when we shop and commute very carefully. We walk with our keys between our fingers in case we need a weapon.” Women everyday always has to be extra careful about what they do and where they do it. Unlike men they can walk the streets whenever and still have saver chance then women do. When it comes to dress code women are always singled out, specially in school. Women cant show their body, they have to cover up cause it may be a distraction to men. According to Liz green “men say that women bodies are dangerous and sexulized”. But when it comes to men exposing their body it’s just considered “normal”. Women are always being called names for doing the same thing men do. For example if a man mess around or date with a lot of females he just considered being a man, but when woman mess around or dates alotg of women they get called names and their act is considered unlady like. Even though in 1920’s women fought for there right to be treated to same exact as men, they still dont. There is still many sexism problems in this world.

Equality of all persons is one of the 5 tenants I believe relates to sexism . According to Leah herbert from basic concepts of democracy says “ The definition of equality of all persons is basically within the term, that being that ‘all men are created equal.’ It does not mean that everyone is exactly the same in terms of things like mental and physical abilities or possessions… It also means that no person can/should be judged or held back from any opportunities based on reasons such as race, color, religion or gender”. After 1920’s All women were supposed to have equal rights like men. Even though there supposed to be equal women till this day still get discriminated for being a woman. When it comes to job a man will always get paid more than a women that has the same job as them. Even tho the tenement equality of all persons says that genders should not hold you back from any opportunities women still are. The 5 tenants gives women freedom but it doesn’t give them equal opportunities.

Democracy is very important to live in. Without democracy our country would be ran by one person. None of the people would get a choice to decide and fight against what they believe in. Democracy gives everyone a voice to be heard. Democracy gives us freedom and equality. Even though democracy is important to have, it doesn’t solve all problems. Even though the 5 tenements tells us that we have equality of all persons, women still don’t get that. In some ways women are equal like voting, But there are also many ways women are not getting the equality that they deserve. For example getting paid the same amount as a man or getting the same opportunity for a job.Women has came along way with fighting for the same oppurtunities and being treated equal, I just feel theres more we still need to fight for. Democracy is a good thing and I do believe it’s good to live in a world with democracy but I also do believe there are many fixes or changes that could be made in democracy.

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