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Philosophy Essays

Murder Island Horror Trap

This short story by the name of The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Cornell tells us about a main character by the name of Snager Rainsford and an antagonist by the name of General Zaroff. General Zaroff forces Rainsford to play a game against each other to see which one …

Frankenstein: A Reflection of the Modern Scientist

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein pays homage to the discoveries of the Scientific Revolution and the ideals of the Enlightenment. The Scientific Revolution was not truly a revolution as explained in Professor David Ciarlo’s class, but rather the emergence and advancement of a more refined scientific methodology throughout the 17th century. The …

Dialectic of Enlightenment, Philosophy of New Music and The Authoritarian Personality

Section One: Historical Context and Biographical Sketch Theodor W. Adorno was an individual with the most significant social critics in Germany after World War II. The possibility of Adorno’s influence stems from the cross-disciplinary character of his research that is the Frankfurt School that he belonged to. However, it also …

Technological and Philosophical Advances Were Evident During the Age of Enlightenment

Originating in France, the Rococo art movement was incorporated into Italy around the eighteenth century (Columbia Encyclopedia, Italian Art The Rococo Period). During this time, Italy experienced corrupt politics by aristocrats taking “hegemonic control of politics and economics” in order to maintain their position in society (Britannica, Italy – Reform …

Epoch Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, and Imperialism

It’s important to question authority because if the government is doing something that only benefits a small group of people such as the very wealthy, you should try to change that because it is not helping anywhere near the majority of people. The poor people are the ones that need …

Great Awakening Managed to Prevail, Thus Stemming Enlightenment Rationalism

For the period ranging between 1720 and the 1740’s, a religious revival swept across the British American colonies. Unlike other kinds of transformations, this took place at a time when the idea of secular rationalism had been entrenched in American society. Therefore, the religious revival that occurred during this time …

Simón Bolívar Admired the Works of the Very Enlightenment Thinkers Themselves

Simón Bolívar was a Latin American revolutionary who freed 6 countries from the Spanish’s deathly grip (Lynch, xi). The title of “the Liberator” was given to Bolívar by the people of Colombia after liberating and declaring the country as a republic (“Simón”). Besides his liberations of various countries, Simón and …

The First Job Interview

I remember my first job (internship) interview. I was young and very stressed. It was stressful for me because I really wanted this internship in this fashion firm. However, it is normal things to be stressed when it is your first important job interview. I went to the company, did …

What Does it all Mean?

Thomas Nagel’s book “What Does it all Mean?” is a very brief introduction to philosophy for those who have little knowledge of its purpose. Philosophy can generally be understood as the process of people seeking to understand fundamental truths about themselves and their connections to the world and others. It …

Vivien Lam

My thesis: Descartes’ cogito argument in which “cogito ergo sum,” latin for “I think therefore I am,” is valid. This is justified by the connection between a thought in the mind and how the presence of God can determine the truth of that thought.  Anything that I think must be …

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