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Philosophers Essays

Philosopher George Berkeley And His the Three Dialogues

George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne, was one of the great philosophers of the early modern period. His concern to see reality as lying subjective to human knowledge and interpretation is joined with his religious devotion. Berkeley said that he wrote the Three Dialogues, to “demonstrate the reality and perfection of …

All for One or One for One

It is hard to imagine a society in which everything is done for the common good. It seems odd to picture a world in which everything one does is happening for the betterment of the society. This clashes with how America functions today; Americans work and live for the betterment …

Linda Cooper On The Nazis

The case I will be presenting is the Nazi at the door case. This takes place during the World War II in Europe. During this era, Jews were being hunted and killed. You are currently letting Jewish people hide out in your home. Suddenly, a Nazi knocks on your door. …

The Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy

Insists that lying is wrong in every circumstance. But despite Kant’s fervent belief, it is not hard to see how lying can be a beneficial, mutually advantageous, and in fact moral act that still consistently complies with Kant’s own moral imperatives. Because Kant’s philosophy does not specifically define what a …

My View on Sophie's World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy

Ever since the beginning of humanity as we know it, people have been trying to find reasonable and logical answers to some questions that have always troubled their minds and haunted their thoughts. These questions are considered philosophical questions, which brings us to focus on philosophy, a faculty of thoughts …

Aristotle's Fundamental Principles of Nature

In Metaphysics VII, Aristotle marvels and deeply reflects on what change is, and what is fundamental to our world for change to be possible in it. He inquires into the fundamental principles of nature by attempting to describe what happens in a process of change, in hopes of developing a …

Creon’s Leadership Compared to Machiavelli’s Ideas

Sophocles’s Antigone of Ancient Greece is a tale for all times. The actions and relationships between characters can be seen in any society. In particular, the leadership and actions taken by Creon in the play can be compared to the leadership traits that Nicolo Machiavelli suggests a leader should follow …

What does Machiavelli mean by virtue

Men often speak of virtue without using the word but saying instead ”the quality of life” or ”the great society” or ”ethical” or even ”square’ ‘. But do we know what virtue is? And what virtuoso is? What steps does Machiavelli takes in order to explain virtue and virtuoso? What …

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