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Aristotle Essays

Aristotle's Fundamental Principles of Nature

In Metaphysics VII, Aristotle marvels and deeply reflects on what change is, and what is fundamental to our world for change to be possible in it. He inquires into the fundamental principles of nature by attempting to describe what happens in a process of change, in hopes of developing a …

A Film Comparison: Aristotle and Schindler’s List

Judge: “Members of the jury, we are present today to decide the level of virtue possessed by Oskar Schindler during World War II. It will be up to you to take in the facts presented by both the State and the defense and make an informed and unbiased decision. Please …

Plato and Aristotle: An Introduction to Greek Philosophy

Since Socrates, what is the political significance of “reason” for the meaning of virtue for Plato and Aristotle? In other words, what role does reason and virtue play in politics, citizenship, and the formation of a good or just society? And, how does Aristotle’s view differ from Plato’s? In an …

Plato and Aristotle on Learning through Imitation

Learning through imitation is a form of gaining knowledge through interpretation. Since early youth, humans learn through imitation. “Imitation is natural to man from childhood, one of his advantages over the lower animals being this, that he is the most imitative creature in the world, and learns first by imitation. …

Willie Loman and Oedipus as Tragic Heroes (as defined by Aristotle)

            “Oedipus the King” and “Death of Salesman” both are tragedies. For a play to be considered as a tragedy it has to meet the principles determined by Aristotle, a Greek Philosopher, or those of Arthur Miller who is playwright of twentieth century. According to Aristotle a tragedy is a …

Sophocles' Oedipus as Aristotle’s Tragic Hero

Sophocles’ Oedipus is an impeccable personification of Aristotle’s concept of a tragic hero. Per Aristotle’s idea of a tragic hero, Oedipus possessed the qualities of a tragic hero while the story reflected the rubrics that the tragic hero need to undergo. Below is a review of Aristotle’s criteria of a …

Aristotle Defined the Proper Pleasure (Oikeia Hedone) of Tragedy

The aim of this essay is to analyze the relationship between tragedy and its audience and how according to Aristotle, the play is supposed to achieve its final cause. Through the essay i am going to examine the proper pleasure of tragedy by looking at Oedipus tragedy from Sophocles.The story …

Paper on Aristotle and Relationships at Work

Aristotle is known as one of outstanding thinkers revealing the ideas of eternal wisdom to humanity. No wonder that his ethical ideas on civic relationships still find their reflection in modern-day conceptions of successful life. In the following paper, Aristotle’s ethical findings on the best way of living described in …

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