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Socrates Essays


Socrates’ View of Persuasion

I do not believe Socrates would agree with the following statement: “Persuasion is about getting what you want from others, without using force.” Socrates believed in bringing the truth out of people through questions. Words are a powerful instrument, whose use can be directed toward various ends. One end is …

My experiences and Socrate's allegory of the cave

A big fish in a little pond is a person who is important, but only within their limited circle of influence.This is the feeling that one tends to get when they have the ability to achieve anything within their small area in which they live. I had a similar feeling …

The Differing Notions of Power and Freedom Explored in the 'Gorgias'

What starts off as a discussion surrounding rhetoric, within the Gorgias, quickly but unsurprisingly transcends into a dialogue concerning the nature of virtuex of which the notions of freedom and power are intrinsically linked. Plato has the dialogue played out between Socrates and four others. Gorgias a famous Sophist and …

Socrates Is Not Guilty

In the book, Plato Republic, Socrates had a discussion with Thrasymachus and Glaucon about justice and unjustice. In this essay, I shall argue that Plato’s solution of the temptation of the ring is successful in a few ways. I will describe Thrasymachus and Glaucon’s idea about justice, and how Socrates …

Principle Ideas and Methods of Socrates

  Introduction Socrates was a Greek philosopher who lived in the period between 469 BC–399 BC (Apology, 27). He was charged in the year 399BC, for convincing youths not to believe in the God of Athens (Brun, 1978). The allegations were forwarded by Mellitus who was also from the same …

Euthyphro Dialogue

In the Euthyphro by Plato, Socrates and Euthyphro debate the concept of piety and how it relates to the common man. Piety, or justice, is a topic that has challenged men since the beginning of time, as it is subjective to many outside forces including personal beliefs, culture and ethics. …

The concept of Arete from Homer to Socrates

             The Greek word Arête is one of the most articulated term in ancient Greek history.  Though it denotes slightly different meanings for different Greek Personalities and philosophers, the common Greek used it to mean “goodness” or “excellence” of any kind.  But its English translation would be “virtue”.             Ancient …

The Understandings of Socrates Emerge from Aristophanes and Plato

In Apology, at passage 19 b and c, Socrates briefly explain the reasons of accusations against him. Those are, inquiring the things below the earth and in the sky, making the weaker argument defeat the stronger and teaching others to follow his examples which corrupts the young, and he mention …

Socratic Seminar

The Socratic Seminar attempted to address a variety of topics from the book Heart of Darkness. This particular session didn’t really gain a momentum or enthusiasm needed to open up a more detailed discussion of the book. The inner circle struggled to answer some of the targeted questions and got …

Educational Theory of Socrates

The purpose of this essay is to give the reader an insight into the educational theories of Socrates. It is rather difficult to gain any information from first hand written accounts of Socrates work as he hardly ever took down notes and the only accounts that have stood the test …

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