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Future Essays

Fahrenheit 451 – a vision of the future

Ray Bradbury’s vision of the future is not very optimistic and is not a world I would like to live in. In Guy Montag’s world, compared to ours, technology has advanced but it hasn’t made an improvement in life. One of the big social changes in Bradbury’s vision is the …

The future of privacy: Digital life in 2025

Executive summary Australia’s advanced future is set to change the country. Our change towards a more developed economy will drive financial advancement, enhance social prosperity, and open up new open doors for development and expanded intensity on the worldwide stage. Australia’s future is computerized, hyper-connected what’s more, fundamentally needy on …

The Past, Present, and Future of VR Technology

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins, see what it’s like to fly like a bird or maybe even see the beautiful southern lights everybody talks about? Well with the way VR is designed you can do all that and even more all in the comfort of your home. …

My sci-fi film is set in the future world

I have put threat of changing society in to my film by everyone being virtually taken over by computers. I think that people in the world today have the threat that computers are gradually taking over the world. computers have already taken over peoples jobs I. E light house keepers …

An analysis of Hong Kong's Traditional Chinese Medicine market and it's future

As a colony of UK, Hong Kong joined WTO on 1st January of 1995. Despite its small physical size and a population of only 7 million, Hong Kong currently ranks as the 10th largest trading entity in the world, with trade valued at some US$400 billion per year. It is …

Back to the future

In this assignment I am going to write a detailed analysis of the ways in which the makers of back to the future successfully use the film presentational devices (technician, written symbolic and audio codes) in the opening title sequence to set up the “world” of the story and the …

Bionics and Prosthetics - The future Possibilities

Introduction The most significant part of our world is that all of the world’s fields and areas of knowledge can relate to each other even in the most farfetched ways. By connecting these different faculties together, one can create new fields that can greatly help our world and the human …

How was the Time traveller disappointed with the future and the farther future

The Time Traveller expected the people of the future, and their technology to be greatly ahead of ours: ‘I had always anticipated that the people of the year Eight Hundred and Two Thousand odd would be Incredibly in front of us in knowledge, art, everything’ He was discouraged to find …

How ICT has Helped Future Fashions

ICT has helped Future Fashions in a number of ways. First of all using ICT has made the company look more professional and so may make it get more customers or maybe it will appeal to a wider variety of employees. Also using ICT to create a logo will benefit …

Historical and Future Development of Internet Addresses

The Internet can be considered as “a collection of interconnected networks that use the Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol suite” The Internet has its routes in experimental packet switching work which was conducted by the US Department of Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). The research and development accomplish …

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