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Utilitarianism Essays

Utilitarianism: Ethical Theories and Business

When it comes to determining a set of rules, guidelines or principles to follow in the business industry, many will agree that it is difficult for everybody to agree on one due to the complexities of dealing with human nature. Therefore, to a certain extent, the field of business ethics …

What are the Main Features of Utilitarianism as an Ethical Theory

In this essay I plan to explain the main features of utilitarianism, and the criticisms that have been made against it. I will also examine some philosopher’s opinions on utilitarianism. Utilitarianism comes in many different forms, the forms that I plan to concentrate on are; act and rule utilitarianism, rule …

Utilitarianism vs. Nozick, Bentham, Hume vs. Kant, & Veil of Ignorance/Rawl’s Theory

Nozick versus Utilitarianism             “Utilitarianism” holds that “an act is moral if it is done to achieve the greatest happiness for the greatest number” (Kay, 2007, n.p.). Nozick said that an act should not be based on the “greatest happiness for the greatest number” since it could lead to a …

The Singer Scandal at Princeton

Introduction          The philosophy of Peter Singer (Australia) is centered on the notion that human beings and animals are of equal value. The philosopher accepts as true that man has no superiority over animals; once that religion is obliterated, man go forward to superior rationality, self consciousness and communication. Singer …

Act and Rule Utilitarianism

Throughout this essay I will be comparing the Act and Rule variations of Utilitarianism to uncover the difference between the two. Utilitarianism is teleological or consequentialist approach to ethics, which argues that something is good or bad according to its benefit for the majority of the people. Jeremy Bentham formalized …

Explain the main principles of the classical forms of Utilitarianism

Utilitarianism was first created by Jeremy Bentham, he believed that human beings were motivated by pleasure and pain so he can be called a hedonist. Bentham said that all human beings pursued pleasure and wanted to avoid pain. As a hedonist, he believed that pleasure was the sole good and …

The link between Utilitarianism and Democracy

Utilitarianism (from the Latin utilis, useful) is a theory of ethics based on quantitative maximization of some good for society or humanity. It is a form of consequentialism. This good is often happiness or pleasure, though some utilitarian theories might seek to maximize other consequences. Utilitarianism is sometimes summarized as …

Act Utilitarianism and Kantian ethical theories in business

Businesses in today’s world raise many ethical issues and it is important to understand which actions are right and which ones are wrong. In this report the focus will be placed on an article about models working in the fashion industry. It explains how models are being mistreated and exploited …

Romanticism Vs. Utilitarianism

William Wordsworth’s, The World Is Too Much With Us is a poetic contribution to Romanticism’s rebellion against the harsh realities of society during the nineteenth century. He is particularly concerned with the effect that the Industrial Revolution has had on people. He feels that man has lost an appreciation for …

Euthanasia: Kantianism vs Utilitarianism

The deliberate act of ending another’s life, given his or her consent, is formally referred to as euthanasia. At present, euthanasia is one of the most controversial social-ethical issues that we face, in that it deals with a sensitive subject matter where there is much uncertainty as to what position …

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