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Truth Essays

The Immanuel Kant’s Philosophy

Insists that lying is wrong in every circumstance. But despite Kant’s fervent belief, it is not hard to see how lying can be a beneficial, mutually advantageous, and in fact moral act that still consistently complies with Kant’s own moral imperatives. Because Kant’s philosophy does not specifically define what a …

Liar Liar Pants On Fire

People lie. It happens. Why people lie? Well, that’s something that there is no definite answer to. Whether they don´t want to admit the truth to themselves, hurt others with the truth, or do both, people quickly magnetize to lying. Most don’t take into account the effects that their actions …

Precis: ​On Bullshit​ by Harry Frankfurt

Bullshit abounds in culture and in society as a whole. There is plenty of it today but not necessarily more than in the past. The understanding and function of bullshit is fuzzy within society, even though it is so ubiquitous. The word is used by individuals in many different situations, …

The Truth And Avoid The Bad Habit Of Lying

From a young age, our parents have always told us to never lie. We are taught to tell the truth and avoid bad habits of lying. Lying breaks trust between people and can ruin relationships with friends and loved ones. Many believe that telling white lies, or lies with the …

A Person With Good Qualities of a Hero

The person I consider a hero is Bernie Sanders he is a person that has qualities of a hero. I see him as a person that fights for the people that really need help. The way he talks about people and how they really matter. Bernie is a man that …

It Is Better for a Person to Tell the Truth Than a Lie to Make Him Feel Better

Motivational speaker Simon Sinek says, “It is better to disappoint people with the truth than to appease them with a lie.” This quote is saying it’s better to tell people the truth. Rather than it is to tell them a lie, to make them feel better. Just like in the …

A Multitude of Truths

Could you ever imagine living in a world where one plus one could not equal two? Living in a time where fact had little to no power over a higher authority. In this time there was a man named Galileo who had to put his very life on the line …

Truth of success

Life is very hard so everyone should have a goal to make this life easier. Even the most common contains a truth of success. This sentence does not make sense. “Common” is an adjective. It must describe something… the most common what? What do you mean by “truth of success? …

Truth - With controvesy comes success

Familiar advertisements such as the vulgar image of a urinal with the trademark orange sign conveniently placed in the center reading, “Your pee contains urea. Thanks to tobacco companies, so do cigarettes. Enjoy,” may be remembered since the anti-tobacco organization “truth” was established in 1999. Another including a photograph of …

'The Other Side Of Truth'

My purpose for writing ‘The Other Side Of Truth’ was simply because I wanted to open the publics eyes. I wanted them to see how hard it is for asylum seekers to find a safe haven and how they go too desperate measures to get there. As I grew up …

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