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My sci-fi film is set in the future world

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I have put threat of changing society in to my film by everyone being virtually taken over by computers. I think that people in the world today have the threat that computers are gradually taking over the world. computers have already taken over peoples jobs I. E light house keepers (electrical light houses), traffic managers (traffic lights, turning stop go signs). But now there is no need for humans to work as then can be done by computers/machines. All of these points are social factors (what is happening to the world around us) but not the inside us.

But in my film I have taken it one step further from other sci-fi films such as matrix (1999in these spaces put the appropriate information) where the whole world and society has been taken over by computers/technology/robots and created their own but in my sci-fi film I have put it so that the technology has taken over the human brain, emotions and feelings. Threat of technology gives people the threat of what may happen in the future world as people are realising how the world and society is changing and has changed tremendously over the last years.

The fact that the human’s feelings are in control gives threat as well as people like to think that the are independent and don’t like to be controlled stronger force. However people like to see the weaker force fight against the ‘controllers’ for their independency eg matrix (1999 ) where morphius and his crew (the weaker force) fight against the matrix(1999 ) (the controllers) for independency. At the end to many films there is the decision where the main star has to choose the world of the girl. I.

E the matrix reloaded neo can destroy the matrix or save the girl (trinity) this is to play on the actors emotions which makes every one tense to see who he chooses. But in my film the actors emotions are newly developed so he is unsure about using them . this I is when he is debate with his head and his heart and he questions him self if emotions are really that suitable to that days society as they have been surviving without them. My film like most sci-fi films has two different types of people in it and the go betweeners;

The hero- this is the scientist who finds out about the chips in the brain. He is the main character the one who saves the day. The hero is in about every sci-fi film; Matrix (1999 and 2003) (neo) Minority report (Steven Spielberg, USA, 2002) (john Anderson) Star wars (George Lucas) (Luke Skywalker) These all have the idea of a main hero, but all of these have a team behind them, these teams are very vital to the play but are not the actually hero’s and don’t get much credit.

In minority (Spielberg, USA, 2002)the person behind the hero is not his team mates but his wife, who saves him at the end. In my film the people wha are behind the hero is his new lover and some team mates who are scientist who he has persuaded of his findings. The Baddy- this is the inventor of the chips, he is a old man and highly protected by his men. The inventor is oly shown at the end of the film. The inventors guards are dressed uo in white costumes with orange bits and march in order and in time and carry high-tech wepons.

I chose for her guards to wear matching uniforms and all march the same as this shows that they are powerful and don’t let things get in their way. In many sci-fi film there is good v evil, these all have one very powerful man who invented what they are fighting against (the baddy) with his followers against the hero (the main character) and his gang of loyal friends. I. E matrix (1999 USA ) Morphius & gang v the creator of the matrix, minority report (2002 Steven Spielberg, USA) John Anderson v creator of pre crime. And then my film which is Johnny blaze v creator on the chips.

The iconography in both world and space is much the same as they both are more technology advanced and have futuristic gadgets and transport methods, and it is much more eaiser wow travel to the outer universe as holidays and trip can be arranged at your local holiday agent. Space is more advanced than earth as they are in control of it and have the technology to control humans and mammals. Scientific technology is a big part in my film as it is there from start to finish. The weapons are advanced and look powerful but are still easy to hand hold.

The crew in space have more powerful weapons as they do on earth and as Johnny and his crew do. Advertising is more advanced as well instead of pictures there are holograms in the streets and towns which advertise different things in mid air. In minority report (2002 Steven Spielberg, USA) they have more advanced ways of advertising by putting moving images on boards which is similar to mine. I would use different film language for space and earth; Space- light and dark colours, the dark is to shows space and that is it huge and never ending. The light colours are in the ships (and the stars).

These two colours have a huge contrast between them which shows the difference between salivation and the unknown world these contrasts from dark and light are shown in starwars (George Lucas ). When Johnny blaze and his crew are coming into space a long shot and a dash morton shot (of the planet on one side) should be used. Earth-for this I would not use and specific angles or colours so that the audience can reflect on it as our world not a totally different planet. However I would use high angle shots on the new technology to make it look great and powerful.

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