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Federalist or Anti-federalist: Who Would You Be

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What do it mean to be a “federalist” and an “anti-federalist”? To be a federalist means to support the fact that the constitution limited the constitution and not the people. Federalist(s) want control over several states. To be an “anti-federalist” means to support the fact that the constitution gave the government too much power and without the placement of the bill of rights, the people would be at risk of oppression. Anti-federalist believed that each state should have the right to make their own rules and live by them. If I had to choose which group I would be a part of, based on my beliefs, I would be a part of the “anti-federalist” group. I chose the anti-federalists because I believe that everyone should have the right to live by their own rules. I don’t believe that people should be oppressed. Everyone deserves their own freedom.

If I had to be an anti-federalist, I would be George Mason. I would most likely be him because he had a concept of inalienable rights that influenced the Declaration of Independence and I’m all for independence. Here’s a little bit of information about George Mason. George Mason was born on a farm in Fairfax Country, Virginia, on December11,1725. He led the Virginia patriots during the American Revolution. Concerning the Constitutional Convention, he did not sign the constitution, but he showed up with great concern about the amount of power being given to the federal government, and the convention’s unwillingness to end the slave trade.

Mason’s contributions includes him leading the Virginia patriots, influencing the Declaration of Independence, and taking measures that led to the adoptions of the Bill of Rights. If you use endnotes, they should be on a separate page, at the end of your text and preceding the list of works cited. If you use footnotes, consult your professor for preferred format. [For quotations of more than four lines, indent the quote one inch from the left margin and do not use quotation marks. To apply this formatting, on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, click Quote. For shorter quotations, you can put them in quotation marks and incorporate them directly into text. This source text uses a style named “Table Source”, available on the Home tab, in the This note text uses a style named “Table Note”, available on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery.

Table notes use a lowercase letter instead of Arabic numerals to differentiate them from the notes to body content. This figure caption uses the No Indent style, available on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery. Label figures with the abbreviated “Fig.” and a figure number. The sample Works Cited list that follows starts on its own page. Just type in-text citations as you do any text of your paper. See the sample citation shown at the end of this paragraph. Note also that MLA rules for citations and references are extensive. So, it’s a good idea to refer to MLA 7th Edition for further information. (AuthorLastName Pages) To see this document with all layout and formatting, such as hanging indents, on the View tab, click Reading View. To use this template when creating the outline for your paper, on the Home tab, in the Styles gallery, click No Indent. For additional guidance on formatting your research paper, consult MLA 7th Edition as well as your instructor.

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