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Gun Control Essays

Every Ordinary Citizen Had the Right to Own a Firearm

Many liberals are pro-gun control, but what about the other half of the political spectrum? Conservatives view that gun control would be limiting our constitutional right. If we were to impose strict laws regulating who gets a gun, it would be a direct violation of the second amendment: every citizen …

Issues in America with Gun Violence

How many times in your life have you felt unsafe in school after hearing about all the school shootings there have been this year? Emma Gonzalez is a School shooting survivor Who is just 18 years old and wants to change world. She wants to impact the world and wants …

Effects of Gun Control

As the effects of gun control become an increasing topic of current events, it is time that we take the initiative to learn each side of gun control; strong and weak. Stated in the constitution, “Citizens have the right to bear arms” (2nd amendment, Bill of Rights). This is the …

Gun Control

A major public policy issue in today’s society is gun control. Some people feel as if their second amendment rights are being infringed upon and others feel as if the laws are not strict enough. Why is gun control so relevant in today’s society? Are the people’s second amendment rights …

An Encounter with a Mad Dog

Nattily attired in a blue sweat suit, I bounded along with gusto, deeply inhaling the fresh air. I treasured the brief, solitary runs. I could think, plan, pray a little and fortify to face the welter of problems that always awaited me at the office. Breathing heavily, I reached the …

The Debate over Gun Control versus Mental Illness

The debate over gun control is not a new argument, neither is the existence of mental illness. There have been those who support and those who oppose gun control for many years. What has recently re-ignited the debate is an increase in mass shootings over the past few decades; one …

Should Guns Be Banned From Society?

Introduction             We live in a dangerous world, especially with guns around. One might say that guns are evil, guns kill, guns are bad. Many people advocate that guns is a major problem of the society. They believe that the world would be a better place to live in if …

50 Caliber Gun Ban in the United States

Introduction: Gun control is a hotly debated topic in the world that is facing increasing incidents of random shootings in public places. Gun Control refers to the government limitation of the purchase and ownership of firearms. Whether from assault or self-inflicted injury, the likelihood of death is especially high when …

The Role of Machine Guns in the First World War

The Battle of the Somme has again shown the decisive value of machine guns in defence. If they can be kept in a serviceable condition until the enemy’s infantry attack, and are then brought up into the firing position in time, every attack must fail. – From HQ 6th Bavarian …

Rangers at Pointe Du Hoc

The Rangers climb the cliff The Pointe du Hoc is a major historical site for the one of the battles that were undertaken by the U.S rangers.  It was one of the epic allied landings which happened on the Normandy Coast with an aim to liberate France and the whole …

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