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Law Enforcement Essays

Policy Development Draft

Law enforcement executives are facing situations where employee misconduct occurs through the private use of social media. Situations have presented itself where police officers have accessed social media on duty at workstations and in patrol cars posting degrading content disrespectful to the profession. With the increased accessibility to social media, …

Confession of the Defendant at Trial Should Not Be Intimidation

In Miranda v. Arizona (1966), the Supreme Court decided that kept criminal suspects, preceding police addressing, must be educated of their established directly to a lawyer and against self-implication. The case started with the 1963 capture of Phoenix inhabitant Ernesto Miranda, who was accused of assault, hijacking, and theft. Miranda …

Definition and Comparison of the Legal Terms Search and Seizure

Search entails the procedure undertaken by agents under authorization by state law as they examine a suspect or individual’s property in a quest to identify particular items that are associated with a criminal act they hold the reason to believe has been committed. On the other hand, a seizure takes …

Unfair Labour Practices Against Immigrant Workers

More than one million undocumented immigrants enter the United States each year (Pew). In the hopes of achieving the American Dream, many immigrants work in low-skill jobs experiencing unfair labor practices such as low pay, long hours without earning overtime, and poor working conditions. Employers may even deny them bathroom …

Human Rights in the Bahamas

“To deny people their human rights, is to challenge their very humanity,” Nelson Mandela. Every human being in the world today, was born with equivalent human rights (Human-Rights-Commission Contest Winners). However, as the world evolves, the human rights of human beings diminish, which should not be the case. As human …

Immigration Policy and Difficulties of Foreigners

The United States has an immigration issue that has left the nation unbelievably isolated. The issue has less to do with our borders than what to do with current undocumented foreigners. There have been various bills made to address the circumstances around the question of undocumented immigrants. The issue lies …

International Law as an Instrument of Influence Between States

Protections against ethnic cleansing, the use of chemical weapons, and the intentional targeting of civilian populations during war, and torture are legal rights guaranteed by international law by organizations like the United Nations (UN). These legal rights, while constituting international law, are violated by countries like Myanmar, Syria, Saudi Arabia, …

Terrorism Is a Problem That Is Getting Worse Every Day

Terrorism has long been a critical threat to the United States. Since 9/11, the environment of contemporary police has changed, homeland security and anti-terrorism efforts have become the top priorities for the U.S. government. The war of terrorism has brought about changes and challenges in the American criminal justice system …

The Stonewall Riots - A Movement for Civil Rights LGBTQ

In New York City’s Greenwich Village, located blocks away from Manhattan, remains a landmark known for the beginning of the LGBTQ civil rights movement: The Stonewall riots. Besides the pub itself, the “Village” was known for being the epicenter for the gay community in New York City. Beginning in the …

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