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Foreign Policy Essays

Roosevelts Big Stick Policy

Roosevelt wanted to use the military as a threat instead of military force to achieve his foreign policy, and this is what the Big Stick foreign policy was about. Roosevelt’s first challenge was the Western Hemisphere, He believed that the interests of the Western Hemisphere should be with the U.S. …

The role of foreign policy in the development of the country

It’s talking about the role of Foreign policy in developing the country is very important to understand the national strategy, especially for the developed country. This article tries to analyze work of foreign policy that helps developing new economics. In order to do so, it has as its main hypothesis …

Field Work Paper

Throughout history the way politics has worked and influenced America has gone through much change and has been molded over the many years into what it is now. Politics play such an important role in our lives and has the potential to have a major impact on it as well. …

Background of sanction and embargo 

Sanctions provide a range of tools that Congress and the President may use to seek to alter or deter the behavior of a foreign government and individual. national security or foreign policy objectives.Sanctions may be used in response to human rights abuses, weapons proliferation, or occupation of a foreign country,ultimately …


On 1 January 2019, Brazil’s new President elect, Jair Bolsonaro will begin his four-year term as the 38th President of the Federal Republic of Brazil. His mandate during the election campaigns was that of free market reforms. However, all will not be an easy task for the new President. Brazil’s …

Description of US policy

This article provides a broad outline of U.S. policy by examining its historical philosophical beginnings and the way those have evolved over the 241 years of the nation’s history. It examines the Founders’ intentions and considerations for his or her new system of presidency. enclosed in this is that the …

President cabinat

President Donald J. Trump Donald Trump was elected the 45th United States President on January 20, 2017. He is the first president to be elected who has never held a top government position or a military rank. Donald Trump is a part of the republican party and has signed many …

John Adams

John Adams was born on October 30, 1735. Growing up, he lived a modest life in a quite farm village in New England. When he was fifteen years, he enrolled in Harvard College, where he studied law. After establishing his legal career in Boston in 1758, he progressively became one …

Public speculation

President Richard Nixon was inaugurated on January 1969, when the Cold War was the overshadowing reality of the time and the United States was at war with Vietnam. The anti-communist ideals of President Nixon did not prevent him from achieving his ultimate goal, one he had mentioned to key National …

Foreign policy of the nation

What were the main foreign policy achievements of the Carter administration? Where did Carter fail? ANS: Carter believed that the Nation’s foreign policy should reflect its highest moral principles, and cast himself as a fresh face in order to win the Presidency. This was a distinct break in the policy …

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