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President Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump was elected the 45th United States President on January 20, 2017. He is the first president to be elected who has never held a top government position or a military rank. Donald Trump is a part of the republican party and has signed many executive orders once he took office. One of President Trump’s first executive orders in office was calling on federal agencies to ‘waive, defer, grant exemptions from, or delay’ aspects of the Affordable Care Act to reduce financial burden on states, insurers and people. A major topic during his presidential campaign was his view that the U.S. Was being treated unfairly and taken advantage of by foreign countries, including U.S. allies.

President Trump’s Cabinet

Vice President

Michael R. Pence is the current Vice President. The vice president is the president of the U.S. Senate, where he or she determines the final vote if the outcome is a tie. The vice president rarely commands the Senate when it comes to conducting tiebreaking votes. The vice president serves as a formal auxiliary to the President. She or he should be prepared to become president or acting president if the current president can no longer be in office. They are to obtain from the states the number of electoral ballots registered for president and vice president and to open the certificates ‘in the Presence of the Senate and House of Representatives,’ so that all votes are counted.

Department of State

Mike Pompeo is the Secretary of State. The Department of State is responsible for developing and executing the President’s foreign policy. The Secretary of State is to represent the U.S. in foreign countries. The secretary serves as the president’s top foreign policy adviser and supervises about 30,000 employees and manages a budget of approximately $35 billion. The other responsibilities of the department include providing foreign assistance, creating foreign military training programs, responding to international crime, and manage services to U.S. and foreign citizens wanting to enter the U.S.

Department of Commerce

Secretary of Commerce is Wilbur L. Ross, Jr. The Department of Commerce is responsible for improving living standards for the people by promoting economic development and technological advancement. The Secretary of Commerce manages a budget of $6.5 billion and about 38,000 employees. The department supports U.S. business and industry through their offered services, such as collecting economic and demographic data, issuing patents and trademarks, improving knowledge of the environment and oceanic life, and ensuring the effective use of scientific and technical resources. The department also compose telecommunications and technology policy and promotes U.S. exports by assisting and enforcing international trade agreements.

Department of Education

Elisabeth Prince DeVos is the Secretary of Education. The department of education is responsible to promote student achievement and preparation for competition in a global economy by cultivating educational accomplishments and ensuring that everyone has equal access to any educational opportunities. The department regulates federal financial aid for education, collects data on schools to guide improvements in the quality of education provided and works to acknowledge the efforts made by state and local government officials, parents, and students. The U.S. Secretary of Education supervises about 4,200 employees and manages a budget of $68.6 billion.

Department of Homeland Security

Kirstjen Nielson is the Secretary of Homeland Security. The Department of Homeland Security duties are to prevent and disrupt terrorist attacks to protect the American people and their critical infrastructure, and key resources. The secretary is to respond to and recover from incidents that does occur. The department employs about 216,000 people in its task to monitor the borders, protect travelers and the transportation infrastructure, enforce immigration laws, and respond to disasters and emergencies. The agency also promotes and ensures preparedness and emergency prevention among citizens.

Department of Agriculture

Sonny Perdue is the Secretary of Agriculture. The department is to develop and carry out policies on farming, agriculture, and food. The department tasks are to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers, promote agricultural trade and production, assuring food safety, protecting natural resources, upholding rural communities, and ending hunger in America and other counties. The department is important when it comes to overseas aid programs by providing foods and certain resources to developing countries. More than 100,000 are employed and the department manages an annual budget of about $95 billion. Majority of the budget goes towards mandatory programs that provide services required by law, such as programs designed to provide nutrition assistance, promote agricultural exports, and to protect the environment.

Department of Labor

Alexander Acosta is the Secretary of Labor. The Secretary of Labor manages about 15,000 employees and a budget of approximately $50 billion. The Department of Labor oversees federal programs for providing a strong workforce. The department’s goals are to protect and promote the welfare of the job seekers, wage earners, and retirees of the United States by improving their working conditions, increasing their chances for profitable employment, protecting their retirement and health care benefits, helping employers find workers, strengthening free collective bargaining, and tracking changes in employment, prices, and other national economic measurements.

Department of The Treasury

The Secretary of Treasury is Steven T. Mnuchin. The Secretary of the Treasury manages a budget of about $13 billion and supervises more than 100,000 employees. The Department of the Treasury is responsible for promoting economic well-being and ensuring the security of the U.S. and international financial systems. The department controls systems that are significant to the nation’s financial infrastructure, such as the production of coin and currency, the payments to the American public, the collection of taxes, and the borrowing of funds necessary to operate the federal government. The Treasury Department strengthens national security by improving the safeguards of our financial systems, implementing economic sanctions against foreign threats to the U.S., and identifying and targeting the financial support networks of national security threats.

Department of Energy

The Secretary of Energy is James Richard Perry. The United States Secretary of Energy manages a budget of approximately $23 billion and supervises more than 100,000 employees. The main task of the Department of Energy is to strengthen the national, economic, and energy security of the United States. The department promotes nation’s energy security by promoting the development of reliable, clean, and affordable energy. The department is responsible for ensuring the nation’s nuclear security and protecting the environment by providing a reliable intention of the nuclear equipment.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is Benjamin S. Carson, Sr. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development supervises about 9,000 employees with a budget of approximately $40 billion. The department is responsible for national policies and programs that address America’s housing requirement, that improve and develop the nation’s communities, and that enforce fair housing laws. The department supports homeownership for lower- and moderate-income families through its mortgage insurance and rent endowment programs. The department manages public housing and homeless aid. 

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