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Policy Essays

China One Child Policy

China has the world’s largest population, and it’s cities are the most densely populated ones. It’s policy is one of the most recognized policy, since is the most rigid of any country. The policy admites only one child per couple, and because of this it is called the “One Child …

How political ideology influences social policy

An ideology is quite simply about ideas. It is defined as beliefs, opinions and attitudes which when put together form a set. This set of ideas, attitudes and opinions can influence social policy. The word ideology is commonly used to describe political ideals. Each political party is described as having …

How serious case reviews inform practice?

Some of the results of serious case reviews show that there were no policies and procedures in place to safeguard children and staff or there was violation of policies which led to cause death or gave serious harm to children by abusing or neglecting them. For example, there are a …

The Strengths And Weaknesses In Current Legislation And Policy

The Mental Capacity Act states all of its terms and definitions clearly and focuses on the needs of each individual that fits into the category. However, due to the individuals mental capacity, they may not be aware or have a great understanding of this piece of legislation so may not …

The theoretical rationale for industrial policy in the EU

Industrial policy has an important part to play in the economics of the European Union. Before discussing the EU’s approach to this issue, it is important to define what we mean by industrial policy. One of the broader definitions of industrial policy states that it “embraces all acts and policies …

A report tracing social policy development in any 'post colonial' country - South Africa

Introduction (i) Aims and Objectives The main aims and objectives of this report are to trace the development of social security/anti-poverty policy in South Africa. In order to do this, it is first necessary to explore the history of colonialism in this country, as this will help to put this …

What is the underlying policy structure and principles that forge the postmodern urban waterfront

This thesis seeks to analyse the dynamics behind post-industrial waterfront revitalisation with a view to alternative approaches. Building upon the body of theoretical discourse that has emerged since the 1980’s to explore the emergent pattern of waterfront development globally, and using comparative case studies the thesis will explore the characteristics …

To what extent was Nazi economic policy ideologically driven

Nazi ideology was obviously a strong feature within the Nazi party and influenced many decisions that were made to do with foreign policy, domestic policy and arguably most importantly economic policy. For years now it has been debated as to whether or not Nazi economic policy was ideologically driven. It …

Planning Permission/Policy

1:- INTRODUCTION Briggs & Mortar have commissioned Spencer Property to carry out a local survey for land in Withernsea, which could be used for their latest project. The inspection was carried out on 9th February 2004, by Mr Whiteley. Brief a. Identify a suitable site for mixed-use development, including appropriate …

Social Problems and Social Policy Assignment

Imagine that you are a member of a leading policy think tank who has been asked by the Government to propose policy solutions to a specific social problem facing the UK. Your ‘solution’ will be presented in a report which you are trying to convince the government that they should …

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