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The Strengths And Weaknesses In Current Legislation And Policy

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The Mental Capacity Act states all of its terms and definitions clearly and focuses on the needs of each individual that fits into the category. However, due to the individuals mental capacity, they may not be aware or have a great understanding of this piece of legislation so may not be aware of their rights. Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 can be seen as a most important act when considering the protection of adults in the health care context. The Independent Safeguarding Authority was created under the power of this legislation.

That is an advantage as well as a strength because the authorities have provided many safeguarding as well as emergency services such first aid support as well as transport facilities to care homes. But, many health care professionals have mentioned the main weakness in this legislation as the limited definition. This legislation needs to expand and widen the definition of vulnerable parties so a large area of vulnerable groups can have the protection under this legislation (Mandelstam, 2008).

The Health Care act 2014 plays a major role in developing strategies in health care and promoting good health among individuals, ensuring their physical, social as well as mental wellbeing. This legislation ensures respecting individuals, carrying them and minimising the risk factors for them to ensure their safety. It helps the health care context to prevent abuse against elders by creating them a risk assessment.

A risk assessment is a progress created for specific person who need care, including the way he need to be cared as well as potential risks he will have to face (Mullins, 2005). Also the Sexual Offences Act 2003stated to ensure the sexual safety of vulnerable groups. It is a strength to have methods in reducing the risk factors so elders feel safer, but in the other hand, this type of legislation is not applicable for the small scale of care homes. Small scale of care providers do not have much knowledge on care giving and their duty is to look after the elders.

They need more knowledge to apply these types of processes in their place. That can be seen as a weakness (Temkin and Ashworth, 2004). Key professionals do their job in the health care settings by creating risk assessments and developing the care services with the care home. Safeguarding professionals are liable for any circumstance which occurs in the health care setting. Professionals such as managers take the responsibility of handling operations and strategies. Mangers are capable of running the legislation on the ground.

So, when considering the safeguarding if vulnerable groups, managers play their role in ensuring the legislations are followed and all operations are running smoothly with minimum risk of abuse. Preparation of risk assessment is much important and managers take the responsibility of minimising the operational risks by creating risk assessments for patients (Swayne et al, 2012). Iles and Sutherland (2001) describes that, Doctors have the professional experience in dealing with any type of vulnerable groups andidentify the need of care.

Doctors use diagnosis reports to identify the need of care. Also, the risk assessment document helps doctors to ensure the medication processes are running without any risk. Further, doctors help vulnerable groups to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing through medications. So the vulnerable parties feel more forward towards the society because they have the medical support and consultation of doctors. Nurses in the health care context ensure to minimise the risk at work.

Nurses in the health care context have a sound practise in dealing with operational risks and the needs of vulnerable groups within the health care setting. So, nurses help the people who need special careto ensure their safety as well as train them to ensure their safety. As nurses work under the given guidelines from the government, nurses in the health care context ensure the wellbeing and protection of the vulnerable groups such as disabled people by taking all the strengths of local legislation which mentioned in above task 2. 1, to the health care setting (Hebda et al, 2005).

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