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Coming Of Age Essays

A clever story

Migrant Daughter Coming of Age as a Mexican American Woman University of California Press, By Frances Esquibel Tywoniak and Mario T. Garcia has the uniqueness of this autobiography is that it initially originated from an oral history paper written by a student in Professor Mario T. Garcia -as history class …

Point of vie

“JEM WAS TWELVE. He was difficult to live with, inconsistent, moody…several times he went so far as to tell me what to do…Jem hollered,’It’s time you started bein’ a girl and acting right!” Chapter 12, pg. 153 The way that scout describes the way Jem is when he turns twelve …

Peter and the Starcatcher

Peter Pan never wanted to grow up, but why? When did he conjure his aversion to grown ups?Peter and the Starcatcher, a novel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson; adapted for the stage by Rick Elice, with music by Wayne Barker; paints a beautiful picture of Peter Pan’s origin story. …

Rebel Without a Cause

Rebel Without a Cause (1955) is a coming of age melodrama that challenges the conventions of the traditional American family, additionally the understanding of what defines masculinity. This paper will examine the theme and Mise-en-scène to investigate how and why Rebel Without a Cause was a revolutionary film for its …


Malcolm reveals to the audience that he is now confident enough to 1) perform with his band in front of a crowd, while at the drug party, 2) brave enough to punch a gangster, especially being the one who bullies him in school. In doing so, he also draws a …

Jane Eyre

The purpose of Jane Eyre was that of the social criticism. Inserting her own voice through Jane’s thoughts and actions. A voice that remonstrates on United Kingdom’s prejudice and inequality. One such social critique addresses women’s place in English society in the nineteenth century. In volume 1, chapter 12: “Women …

A Party of Classes: “The Garden Party”

After reading Katherine Mansfield’s tale of the Sheridan family words such as “wealthy”, ‘great,’ ‘charming’ and ‘happy’ reaches out to the reader. However, an absolute contrast of words that are used to describe the people from the working class, such as ‘unsophisticated,’ ‘grieving,’ ‘poor,’ and ‘wretched’ are utilized. Evidently one …

“The Outsiders”

“The Outsiders” is a novel written by S.E. Hinton. Hinton wrote this story for many reasons and has won many awards for it. This novel has affected the readers greatly. It is told from the view of a young boy named Ponyboy Curtis. It follows the troubles of him and …

“Spirit of the Times” The Lost Generation  

During the time of the lost generation graphic design and advertising had a huge impact on the sociopolitical context of the time. I am going to be writing about how graphic design forms a portrait of the lost generations and how this generation impacted graphic design and advertising. I will …

Love is the feeling that can not be explained

Archetypal Analysis of “Araby” by James Joyce James Joyce the author of “Araby” is a writer that does not write his stories in a traditional way. “Araby” is a story about the narrator; a young boy who fall in love and though very poor or from a poor background tries …

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