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Attitude Essays

Strategies to Help Students With Challenging Behaviors

Abstract Challenging behaviors can be very frustrating to the child, teacher, and family. It is especially frustrating when you do not know the exact reason behind the behavior and therefore makes it difficult to assist the child. The articles I researched explained the specific reasons one might show these behaviors …

What attitudes to World War One does Siegfried Sassoon display in his poetry

During the period from 1914-1918 one of the most tragic events to happen to mankind occurred in the form of World War One, in fact people have described it as, ‘The war to end all wars’. Thousands upon thousands of young men and boys rushed to the front line to …

Attitudes to outsiders in Ancient Greece: Who is allowed into the household and why

The Ancient Greek household has often been described as a place that contained many boundaries, whether physical or non-physical (Antonaccio 2000: 522). What could have appeared to be a normal room may well have been forbidden to certain types of people. In our attempts to explain the notion of public …

Attitudes in Love and Marriage in "Much Ado About Nothing"

Much Ado About Nothing was written in the time of Elizabethan England. In this century, it is historical knowledge that shows us that male status, honour and power ruled over femininity. Women were in a patriarchal world and dominated over. Men married women so they could own them or otherwise …

The Racist Attitudes Prevalent In "To Kill a Mockingbird"

In ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, the theme of prejudice or racism is shown through many important characters in the story. Harper Lee especially uses Bob Ewell in this story; she makes him out to be the villain in many ways. Bob Ewell’s character is a poor white …

How does Nothing's Changed covey the poets feeling's and attitudes

Nothing’s changed is an autobiographical poem written by Tatamkhulu Afrika; a white South African who grew up in Cape Town’s Disrict Six. The apartheid government declared District Six as an area for only white people, and soon after, the area was destroyed. In this poem he returns to District Six …

How do the Poets' Presentation and Attitude Toward London Compare

Within the two poems Composed Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth and London by William Blake we see a differing view of London. We see one of optimism and beauty through the eyes of Wordsworth and one of corruption and anger. It is interesting to note that Wordsworth, who grew …

Joyce's attitude to Dublin in Dubliners

To many people, Dublin is regarded as an ancient city. The Vikings founded the city in 842 and named it “Dublin”, which means “dark pool” in Scandinavian (Moss and Wilson 107). Ireland in the late 1800s was, for the most part, dominated by agriculture; Belfast and Dublin were the only …

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