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Justice Essays

Bill of Rights and Geoffrey’s Remedies, Including a Specific Amendment

Jeffrey is accused of a brutal kidnapping and assault. As a criminal defendant, he will be entitled to certain protections pursuant to the Bill of Rights. Describe the Bill of Rights and which protections Jeffrey has, including the specific amendment(s) related to each of them, in your answer. The Bill …

The Pentagon Papers Case

The Vietnam War began on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon all served in the Presidency at different times throughout the war; however, the U.S. did not truly get involved until Johnson took office and leave until Nixon’s …

Engel vs Vitale: Overview and Information 

Extra, local families win the court case against the school board; they have successfully sued the school! This case went all the way to the Supreme Court because of one main question: “Does the reading of a nondenominational prayer at the start of the school day violate the ‘establishment of …

Confession of the Defendant at Trial Should Not Be Intimidation

In Miranda v. Arizona (1966), the Supreme Court decided that kept criminal suspects, preceding police addressing, must be educated of their established directly to a lawyer and against self-implication. The case started with the 1963 capture of Phoenix inhabitant Ernesto Miranda, who was accused of assault, hijacking, and theft. Miranda …

Important Public Policy Objectives

This essay argues that case law of the ECJ has swung unfavourably to promote intra-EU trade rather than protect important public policy aims to the downfall of member States (MS) sovereignty. In so doing, it will analyse the legal development of case law surrounding Article 34 TFEU (i.e. Measures Equivalent …

Thoughts About a Cartoon From Bruce Mackinnon Depicting the Assault of Lady Justice and Dr. Ford From Recent Allegations Against Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Society has a way of influencing our perspective on some rather controversial topics. The first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the word masculine is most often the association with aggression and strength. And the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing the word feminine is usually delicacy …

The Importance Of Online Privacy

Have you ever Google’d yourself? What did you find? Have you read your “Rate My Professor” reviews? What if one of your students wrote a review that was dishonest, or worse, depicted you in a negative light? Have you ever wondered what happens to Yelp reviews? Do they remain online …

FBI Child Pornography Investigations

In conducting an investigation regarding child pornography, the FBI created an account (user name) on Limewire—peer-to-peer file sharing software. Using their established account, they searched the database. Any users/account holders who logged on to download and/or upload, had their IP address(es) recorded. The FBI gained access to their personal information …

The Problem Of Illegal Immigration

Is not an issue that is new, however it is one that is becoming more and more of a problem each day. The more people that we have fleeing into the United States, the more barbaric the system is becoming in regards to dealing with these immigrants. The immigration policy …

The United States v. Martinez-Fuerte decision

That the US border patrol may be permitted to set up internal checkpoints up to 100 miles within the interior of the U.S. The justices ruled the 4th amendment was not violated and that it’d be unreasonable to require a warrant to establish each checkpoint. It was hoped that such …

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