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Property Essays

Were the Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers?

NO, a historian name Charles Beard draws another view of the Founding Fathers. He states that, “the rich must in their own interest, either control the government directly or control the laws by which government operates.” Beard states that the Founding Fathers were men that consisted primary of white male …

Code of Hammurabi Persuasive

The Code of Hammurabi was written was written by King Hammurabi himself during the 18thc. B.C.E. King Hammurabi also started ruling the Babylonian empire about 1800 B.C.E. as well. Hammurabi’s claim to power was through military strength as a military leader. He conquered many small city states in order to …

Glass v. Goeckel Case Study

The Case The actual case sprang from the complaint filed by appellant Joan Glass against defendant couple Richard and Kathleen Goeckel. The Goeckels owned title to a property which extends to the shoreline of Lake Huron in the state of Michigan. Based on their deed, the Goeckels’ property reached up …

What is an Overriding Interest under UK Land Registration Act, 2002?

For certain reasons, certain charges will not appear on the register but they are binding on the buyer of the property. Thus the Land Registration Act, 2002 provides certain overriding interest on the property which will have binding effect even though these easements or lien is not registered in the …

Law Of Property

EXERCISE ONE In case of Jane the relationship with Ahmed was akin to that of marriage. The tests that the judges applied in Nutting v Southern Housing Group Ltd each apply to Jane, that is she and Ahmed had set up home together, the relationship was emotional and of mutual …

“Something Borrowed: Should a Charge of Plagiarism Ruin Your Life?” by Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell writes the article, “Something Borrowed: Should a charge of plagiarism ruin your life?” That article corresponds to a specific incident of plagiarism between a play writer and a journalist. The play writer is Bryony Lavery and she takes work from Gladwell and specific moments in the psychiatrist, Dorothy …

Essential Requisites of an Ideal Form of Business Organisation

1. What are the essential requisites of an ideal form of business organisation? Explain the criteria for the selection of the form of organisation. Answer:- Before undertaking a description of the various forms of organisation and their respective merits and weaknesses it will be desirable to refer to the features …

Insecticidal Property of Acacia (Samanea Saman Merill) Seeds and Bark Against Termites

The researchers would like to find out if the Acacia seeds and bark decoction is an effective alternative to the commercial pesticides in killing termites. The use of Acacia seeds and bark as insecticide has killed several number of termites which destroy the foundations of establishments especially wooden houses and …

Principles of Taxation Final Notes

Capital property: depreciable property and any other property the disposal of which would result in a capital gain Capital gains = proceeds – ACB Taxable capital gain = capital loss and gain are taxed at a rate of ½ Capital losses are denied: depreciable property, personal use property, deemed dispositions …

Macapagal Vs Remorin

When Corazon, the owner of the lots in dispute, was in Thailand, her stepmother Purificacion executed an affidavit of loss alleging that the TCT could no longer be found so that the new TCTs were issued under her name. * The stepmother sold it to Catalina who later mortgaged the …

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