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First Amendment Essays

Government and the Media 

The media has been part of the government in many occasions around our history. If the media did not exist, then it would be hard for the people to know what’s going on in their country. The First Amendment states that we have the right of freedom of speech, which …

Bill of Rights and Geoffrey’s Remedies, Including a Specific Amendment

Jeffrey is accused of a brutal kidnapping and assault. As a criminal defendant, he will be entitled to certain protections pursuant to the Bill of Rights. Describe the Bill of Rights and which protections Jeffrey has, including the specific amendment(s) related to each of them, in your answer. The Bill …

The Pentagon Papers Case

The Vietnam War began on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Richard Nixon all served in the Presidency at different times throughout the war; however, the U.S. did not truly get involved until Johnson took office and leave until Nixon’s …

Policy Development Draft

Law enforcement executives are facing situations where employee misconduct occurs through the private use of social media. Situations have presented itself where police officers have accessed social media on duty at workstations and in patrol cars posting degrading content disrespectful to the profession. With the increased accessibility to social media, …

Education Policy Project

Social media use has exploded in recent years. In fact, nearly three quarters of Americans have social media profiles, and many of those belong to teachers. As a result of the rapid growth in social media use in recent years, there has been rising concern for teachers and school administrators. …

Engel vs Vitale: Overview and Information 

Extra, local families win the court case against the school board; they have successfully sued the school! This case went all the way to the Supreme Court because of one main question: “Does the reading of a nondenominational prayer at the start of the school day violate the ‘establishment of …

Flag Burning and the First Amendment

One golden rule of the First Amendment would be that the United States government cannot ban free expression of any idea. It doesn’t matter how much the majority disagrees with that idea or finds it offensive. Which is why American flag burning is protected under the First Amendment, it’s an …

First Amendment of the US Constitution

According to president George Washington, “If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. ” Free speech is one of the fundamental rights that should be expressed by every human being, but sometimes it has negative effects on other …

Reflection on First Amendment

Abstract Being free is not limited on declaring independence. It I not also measured by living in a democratic country. Freedom is measured by the bound and how far can a man exercise his right granted by the Constitution. One of the most celebrated right is the conferred by the …

Reflection of the First Amendment

Introduction The first amendment was the first major enactment in the constitution of the United States that guaranteed the freedom of expression to all Americans. The amendment prohibited the United States congress from coming up with laws that prohibited the free exercise of individual religious belief, infringe on the individual …

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