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Cooperating School: Tanauan North Central School

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All tasks were done with outstanding
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All or nearly all tasks were done with high quality
Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality
Fewer than half of tasks were done; or most objectives met but with poor quality

My Analysis
Analysis questions were answered completely; in depth answers; thoroughly grounded on theories/exemplary grammar and spelling.

Analysis questions were answered completely

Clear connection with theories

Grammar and spelling are superior
Analysis questions were not answered completely.

Vaguely related to the theories

Grammar and spelling acceptable
Analysis questions were not answered.

Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory

My Reflection
Reflection statements are profound and clear, supported by experiences from the episode. Reflection statements are clear; but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode. Reflection statements are shallow, supported by experiences from the episode. Reflection statements are unclear and shallow and are not supported by experiences from the episode.

My Portfolio

Portfolio is complete, clear, well-organized and all supporting documentation are located in sections clearly designated. Portfolio is complete, clear, well-organized and most supporting documentations are available and/or in logical and clearly marked locations.

Portfolio is incomplete; supporting documentation is organized but lacking.

Portfolio has many lacking components; is unorganized and unclear. Submission

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On the deadline
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Sub Totals

Name of the Resource Teachers observed: Mrs. Elenita V. Dizon School Address: Tanauan City, Batangas Date: February 15- 17, 2013 Grade/Year Level: Grade V-A Subject Area: Science and Health V

Principles of Learning
Teacher Behavior of the Teacher/Learning
Behavior of the Learner as a Proof of the Application of the Principles of Learning

1. Learning is an experience which occurs inside the learner and is activated by the learner. 1. Teacher made sure that students learn by their own experienced. e.g. – Pupils write the correct answer on the board rather than writing by the teachers. 2. Learning is the discovery of the personal meaning and relevance of ideas. 2. Relevant and need-based curriculum was integrated in the discussion through the way that arouses the interest and attention of the students. The essentiality of the topic was being perceived by the students by explaining the values being incorporated in the lesson. e.g. – The students realized that the values being integrated in the lesson is our Lord God gave us water because He cares and loves us. 3. Learning is a consequence of experience.

3. Assimilating different activities made the discussion experiential. The teacher integrated movie clips for the students to have their own knowledge and assessment in the processes of water cycle. e.g. – The students sensualize the processes by watching the video clips provided by the teacher. 4. Learning is a cooperative and collaborative process.

4. The teacher provides group activities for the students are being able to learn by having the chance to share their own ideas and work together with groups. e.g. – The students have their chance to share their knowledge and insights about their prior knowledge and skills in different task given to them. 5. Learning is an evolutionary process.

5. Learning, especially if this means a change in behavior, does not happen in a click. Teachers delivered the lesson in different ways and she gave patience and diligence in dealing with the levels of learners’ abilities and skills. 6. Learning is sometimes a painful process.

6. For the students to be able to learn, the teacher devotedly gave her time to prepare the materials needed even the preparation was the day before the delivery of lesson. The teacher gave activities which made the students felt that to be able to learn, hard works should be experienced first. 7. One of the richest resources for the learning is the learner himself. 7. The teacher let the discussion centered with the learners’ ideas and experiences rather than her thought only. The students were given chances to share their learning through the proper used of art of questioning. e.g. – the teachers asked the students about their insight about the topic and somehow generalized the lesson by answering the provided questions.

8. The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual. 8. Emotional stability of the learners was first observed by the teachers. To motivate the interest of the students, she started it with singing a song which also served as their simple review. 9. The process of problem solving and learning is highly unique and individual. 9. Multiple intelligences were being considered by the teacher. Vicarious activities and materials are being provided and utilized to cope with learning styles of different individual. e.g. – The teacher provided group activities such as completing the puzzle, drawing the cycle and sequencing the processes of the cycle. She also used both traditional and modern instructional materials needed to discuss the lesson.


1. What is the impact of the Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles on the teaching – learning process and on the learners?

The teacher adhere the principles of learning and it makes the presentation of lesson be purposeful in thoughts as well as in action. The knowledge and skills needed by the students to attain was almost been learned by how she adopted the principles. The teaching itself was so smooth and the learners found very minimal hardship in acquiring learning. An active classroom environment was being created and the learners realize its importance in their lives.

2. Which learning principle was applied most?

As I observed, the learning principle applied the most is the process of problem solving and learning is highly unique and individual. As I stated in my previous explanation, vicarious activities were being utilized by her to have an effective teaching and learning process.

3. Which learning principle was applied least or not all applied?

The process of learning is emotional as well as intellectual was I think to be the least applied because as part of this principle, the teachers wont able to determine other factors that could affect their learning such as if they had eaten their breakfast or not? Or are they happy or sad?

4. Do you agree with these principles of learning? Or have you discovered that they are not always correct?

Yes, I agree on those principles of learning because as I’ve observed different teachers at different grade levels of students, applications of the principles were always been functional. And as I foresee my future teaching, principles of learning will also be adapt.

5. Lessons I have learned from my observations on the classroom application of the principles of learning.

For the students be able to learn, teacher must first considered their individual differences and multiple intelligences. Of course, they should have their direct-purposeful experiences and reflect on their physiological, psychological and emotional needs. Their interest should always also be considered and let us them upgrade their prior knowledge by learning in himself. MY REFLECTIONS

My reflections on my observation of my Resource Teacher’s observance of these principles. Did my Resource Teachers adhere to these principles?

The teacher adherence of learning principles was so effective. Somehow, even in a short period of time, the principles were being integrated efficiently. Based on my judgment on her way of delivering the lesson, principles of learning used direct the class into actual and real learning. Considering the nature of the students, she then created a well-balanced classroom environment and made the students motivated and interested in the discussion. Aside from that, the assessment of the presentation of lesson was good and awesome.

Upon she applied the learning principles in the presentation of lesson, she had given the students chances to feel their essence in learning process. She developed the learners’ ability to determine the significance of their thoughts and meanings. And, for she able to let it happened, teacher provided experiential experiences through conducting group tasks such as drawing how the cycle goes, completing the puzzle of the illustration of water cycle and sequencing the processes of water cycle. They had given opportunity to share their thoughts to others. The strengths and weaknesses of every individual were considered through accepting their own individual differences and multiple intelligences.


Principles of Learning in My Own Words

1. Learning should be started, experienced and practiced by the students in own.

2. Learning is reflecting, understanding and applying the essence of ideas and meanings in their lives.

3. Learning should be experiential as much as possible.

4. Learning is socializing and sharing ideas with others.

5. Learning is an on-going process which requires time and diligence.

6. Learning is the students’ realization that it sacrifice and hardship to be successful.

7. Considered learners as active and rational human being.

8. Learners’ physiological, psychological and emotional stability should be measured in acquiring learning.

9. Individual differences and multiple intelligences should be considered in integrating the method and materials needed in the presentation of lesson.

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