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Education System Essays

Should Music Be Allowed in the Classroom?

Does your day begin with blasts of music playing while you are waking up or getting dressed? Are you in a much better mood because you started your day with music? Do you know that music can make you more creative while generating positive changes in your mood? I certainly …

Cybernetics - A Philosophical Study of Ethics in Relation to Computers

If one was to look up the term cyber ethics using the Google search engine, countless pages would result.  After perusing a very small portion of the results, the definition that I believe sums up cyber ethics is this:  “Cyber ethics is the philosophic study of ethics pertaining to computers, encompassing user behavior and what …

Internet Security Is One of the Biggest Problems

Security on the internet is one of the world’s biggest issues that people face daily. Everyday computers are being accessed by rogue users who can steal or manipulate data. Pioneers in the technology world initially created blockchain for use in a bitcoin ledger, but it was conceptualized many years prior. …

American Education: Past and Present

As the third most populous country in the world, the American educational system is posed with a large and challenging task: schooling millions of children, and raising the next generation of American adults. The establishment of this system is, by some means, miraculous, and its history is considerably rapid and …

The Effectiveness of the Dynamic Learning Program

There have been so many approaches that claim to support the often quoted phrase “quality education.” But for many years, learners have only been catered in the idea of traditional lecture-based education in which we assume that for every bit of teaching there is a spark of learning by those …

Zoom App Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

In India, the Zoom video conferencing app has been downloaded 100 million times from Google Play Store. The government had reissued new guidelines after many users had complained about instances of leaked passwords and hackers hijacking video calls midway through the conference. Zoom app does not have end-to-end encryption and …

Personal Cloud for Educational Institutions – NAS Storage Device

The world is changing and putting a step ahead in the world of technology which is an important element in today’s changing educational system. Educational institutions have been facing the data storage challenges when the consumption and usage of data are increasing – students bring their own devices, campus security …

Useful Teaching Apps & How They Ease the Tasks of Teachers 

While apps are in every domain of our lives, they are now present in the education industry to help teachers too while they tutor students. Have a read at this article to know about of some of the brilliant apps trending at present, in case if you consider making one. …

Recommendations for the Development of Orientation Measures for Foreign Students

In the context of this paper, orientation refers to a structured programme of events designed to help new international students settle into their new environment quickly and efficiently upon arrival (Andrich, 2013). In a publication commissioned by the UK Council for International Student Affairs, Green and Healy (2008) provide guidance …

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