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College Education Essays

Free college education

I. Introduction Two years of free technical or career-oriented colleges is a necessity to our ever growing population. A better educated population could result in smarter decision making at every level of society, from jobs to solving our most difficult, collective challenges. By opening up the college system to a …

Why College Education Is Important Essay

The increase in competition in the job market, coupled with dreams and aspirations for better life has led to a high demand for higher education. This implies that college education provides students with exciting opportunities which may not be available to students who end their education after high school (Smart, …

How Important is a College Education in Today's Economy

Since the seventeenth century, people have understood that knowledge is power and obtaining knowledge should be available to those who want it. We as a race have developed tremendously since the seventeenth century when it comes to education. The development of this knowledge has extended to post-secondary school, as well. …

Why I am Pursuing a College Education?

I am pursuing a college education because I would like to become a teacher. I plan to major in history and take education courses to become a secondary teacher after graduation. After teaching approximately two or three years, I would like to begin my masters in education. At this time, …

The Importance of College Education

Malcom X states, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” The importance of college education is far more essential today than it was before. With an economy recovering from recession and jobs scarce, those seeking employment are now realizing …

Why College Education is Important to Me

College education is important because I feel it will allow me to have a successful future in my current career and will provide financial stability for my family. Unlike in the past, today having more than a diploma is required to get a decent job that does not make minimum …

Gap Year

Eighty Seven Percent of students who take time off,waste the year doing nothing.A gap year would probably cost the same as attending a private university! These are all facts about gap years.Gap years are taking a year off before you go to college.The college parents of America said “The Number …

Compulsory Education

Compulsory Attendance Act The Compulsory Attendance Act of 1852 enacted by the state of Massachusetts was the first law attempting to control the conditions of children. The law included mandatory attendance for children between the ages of eight and fourteen for at least three months out of each school year …


Putting Our Brains on Hold 1. I think Herbert’s overall argument is that people in the United States are suffering significant decline in education, therefore losing its leadership qualities. Herbert highlights the fact that people are not coming close to acquiring the education and training to maintain a middle class …

Time Off from College: Harmful or Beneficial?

College is one of the most important decisions a graduating high school senior will have to make to determine their future. Time off from college can either be beneficial to a high school student or harmful to him/her. Many students take time off before entering college because they are not …

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