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College is one of the most fundamental institutions in our modern world. It is a place where most of our future doctors, scientists, leaders, and politicians are made. Although, it seems that the price tag that comes with a college education is something that is too much for some students. There is no doubt that college is expensive. Columbus State Community College charges students per credit hour instead of charging students the fee as a full-time student taking at least 12 credit hours and paying no extra cost for taking up to 18 or 20 credit hours. Students who pay per credit hour are more likely to drop out because they could not afford to pay tuition.

Columbus State costs about average of $4,588 a year for a full-time student. International students are charged a fee of $378.24 per credit hour. Non-Ohio, U.S. residents are charged a fee of $318.03 per credit hour. Ohio residents are charged a general fee of $152.93 per credit hour. College is unreasonably high priced. College students have bills to pay, family to take care of and students are going to school to get degrees they want to pursue a career in. Going to Columbus State will save college students money, but students could save way more if Columbus State offered students the opportunity to take more classes for those who just simply cannot afford to go to school.

Columbus State needs to offer plateaued tuition, which is a set tuition price for undergraduate students within a set range of credits. In other words, tuition and fees for students that take 18 credit hours a semester would be the same if they take 12 credit hours. Plateau tuition can be a huge incentive for full-time students to take a slightly heavier credit load and would encourage students to complete their degree sooner, all for the same cost. It can save you money. An advantage of plateaued tuition would essentially be students get one free class every semester, which adds up to one entire year of college for free. We’re talking $10,000 to $20,000 or more worth of savings here.

A student who chooses to take 12 credits each semester during college will take a full year longer to graduate with a bachelor’s degree than a student who takes 16 credit hours per semester. Students would gain from this and try to graduate sooner. In most cases, students could take an additional course each semester, can complete a bachelor’s degree 1-year sooner, and can join the workforce earlier to begin earning income.

Becoming an adult is hard, when you talk about money it plays a big role. There is money being involved which influences how education is maintained. More college students would want to come to Columbus State because it is more affordable and potentially leaving them debt free. Nobody wants to go to school and know that they are going to have to pay it off for the rest of their lives. There are students who go to college and after they graduate, they end up taking out loans causing them to go into a huge amount of debt. Students do not want to take out loans that they will have to pay off for a long amount of time. Students are more likely to attend Columbus state if they are paying less to get the same degree at another college.

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