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Higher Education Essays

Access to data

Principals, school administrators and other key stakeholders must interpret data with caution and understanding. Initially, it is important that those reviewing the data understand exactly what information is reported and how to access and understand that data. When reviewing the data for students with disabilities, it is important to understand …

Applying writing styles

This paper explores different type of writings based on a chosen case study on common core. A simple message related to the case study is communicated. Three written communications are created for three different audiences, identified in this paper. Each communication is presented by using the appropriate writing style for …


When you were in school did you have a label or group title? Was that title hurtful or did you like when people called you it? I know at my high school we had the jocks, aggies, nerds, and many more group titles or labels for the members of the …


With extensive studies done in the field of labelling, especially in the area of labelling theory, it has become evident that there is a possible damaging impact of diagnostic labels and name calling on children with regard to their self-esteem (Guskin& MacMillan 1974). It is observed that when a label …

A Closer Look at IDEA

Ten percent of the world’s population is living with a disability. In the ever-changing technological world today, people are encouraged daily in all types of media to be accepting of sociaf diversities. Yet, in the annual report in 2017, Kraus states that thirty-eight percent of the world’s population believes that …


I interviewed Ms. Aasen, a special education teacher at Tolleson Union High School. I had the opportunity to email her and get a few responses to some questions I asked. She enjoys her profession and she is always open to explore new ways to teach her students. Ms. Aasen is …


I am submitting this letter and vitae to express my interest in the new, OSEP-funded Ph.D. program in Special Education in the College of Education at the University of South Carolina: Project PROMOTE as a part-time doctoral student with the cohort for the Fall semester of 2019. After earning my …

Ethics and Education 

Within the field of education, it is seemingly becoming more and more difficult to focus on the success and achievement of students because administrators are spending more time on situations surrounding ethical issues. In today’s society, it seems that because of the attitude that many people have, which is the …


According to the Editorial Projects in Education Research Center, the publisher of “Education Week” and “Teacher Magazine.” said in United States (U.S.), nine (9) percent of all matured school students accept services from nationwide encouraged special education programs, which constitutes millions of students recipients. Research proved that pull-out programs targeted …

Tomas, Kindergarten

Tomas impulsive action can be associated with the emotional or developmental problem caused by biological factors, genetic, neurological, biochemical or combination of these factors. For instance, the use of alcohol and substance abuse during the prenatal and postnatal period can affect Tomas gross motor, cognitive and emotional development. However, malnutrition …

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