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Physical Education Essays

The Effect of Amphetamine on Human Physical Health

Amphetamines are CNS stimulants that affect the psychomotor activities in the brain. Additionally, amphetamines cause an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and alertness. Due to its similar effects to adrenaline, which is an endogenous hormone, amphetamines can also lead to vasodilation and bronchodilation. Amphetamines are classified as a Schedule …

Illegal Use of Doping by Athletes

The use of performance enhancing drugs has been an ongoing problem since the 1950s. Over the years, players have not only been using PEDs more often, but are getting caught more frequently. The higher skill level produced from these drugs make athletes unstoppable. The illegal use of these substances needs …

The Role of Parents in the Physical Education of Children

Parents generally mean well and want the best for their children. This has seen parents become more involved in their children’s lives. Parents will try to prepare their children to be as successful if not more successful than them. One avenue of focus that has seen more attention being increasingly …

The Largest Sports Platform in the World

The Olympics was and will always be the biggest platform of sport in the world. This is where countries come together and compete at the highest level and also for the love of the game and country. The Olympics first began in 776 b.c in Olympia. The games like now, …

Nike and Adidas Are Global Companies That Are Always Fighting for Leadership

Nike and Adidas, those are the first companies that come to mind when it comes to professional sports sponsorship. These two companies always battle it out to be number one. Adidas who dominates the soccer world and Nike who dominates professional basketball as well as American Football. So which company …

Multiple Sclerosis Is a Disease That Destroys the Nervous System

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic autoimmune disorder that slowly destroys the myelin sheath of nerves which can cause irreversible nerve damage and potentially be disabling. Multiple sclerosis has two forms, primary progressive which means that the patient progressively deteriorates and relapsing-remitting, which means the patient will have periods of …

The Impact of Technological Progress on Health Care

Over the years of technology advancements took the world by storm helping people from business to medical technology. The more people come together to improve and help advance the technology used today it helps every individual in different areas of the world. Healthcare professionals and patients are both able to …

Health Over Education. The Impact of the COVID-19 on the Education of Filipino Students

Philippines is one of the high risk countries from the coronavirus outbreak. The government has announced lockdown of Metro Manila, followed by the entire Luzon Island and other provinces of the country. Now, the entire Philippines is under GCQ except for Cebu and Mandaue Cities. This crisis made a huge …

Roles and Responsibilities of Advanced Practitioner

Main responsibility, when I go to work is to check, how many children we have and make sure ratio is not compromised in accordance with Section 3-safeguarding and welfare requirements of the Statutory framework EYFS. We sign in children and if there is a child, who did not come, but …

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