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Abraham Maslow Essays

Maslow Essay Samples & Examples

A task about the Maslow hierarchy of needs is usually connected with Economic studying. However, you can use the information about Maslow’s theory in different paper topics. By analyzing this notion, you can raise social issues or motivation case studies.

If you have the assignment to write a paper based on the Maslow’s theory of needs, pay attention to the structure of your work. You need to explain to your readers how the hierarchy of needs functions in real-time. Use examples to illustrate the theory. In the main body connect the theoretical background with practice. State how your topic refers to the theme of your discussion.

The reader should clearly understand how the Maslow’s hierarchy relates to your topic, especially if it is not connected with Economic studies.
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Peak Experience and Performance: The Positive Energy of a “Runner’s High”

Abraham Maslow has done extensive research on the constructive and calming phenomenon known as the “peak experience”.  These mind/body experiences are a hallmark of what Maslow refers to as transcending self-actualization and a person, who experiences many of these peak experiences, is said to be a transcending self-actualizer. According to …

Why Did Maslow Read the Newspaper?

I guess a look at the topic will have you thinking, “Did Maslow ever have time to read newspapers?” Did a man so engrossed in his pursuits of the understanding of human behavior ever have the time to read something as common as a newspaper with all the new information …

Understand Child and Young Person Development

Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. Personal factors are those which are part of the genetic make-up of a child (nature, not nurture). As such, they cannot be changed, although their influence upon development can be addressed to give children the …

Motivation Case Study: Kellogg's

Taylor Frederick Taylor was associated with what has become known as ‘scientific management’. Taylor believed that monetary reward was an important motivating factor. Pay could simply be used to increase rates of output. Taylor’s view of motivation applies to people who tend to work within narrow job confines such as …

Three Characteristics of Effective Work Groups

The three characteristics that will be discussed in this essay are motivation, communication and leadership. This essay will relate to relevant theories and theorist that have an association to any of the characteristics. The factors will be discussed in detail to portray how they can be used efficiently to create …

Maslow and Aristotle: Similarities and differences

Abraham Harold Maslow (1908-1970) was a psychologist and visionary who pioneered revolutionary ideas that helped form modern psychology (Hoffman, 1988, p. XV). He strived to find the good in people, “the best of humanity” through positive psychology. His greatest contribution to the psychology world was probably the hierarchy of needs. …

Leadership and Management in the 20th Century

“How management manages and leads employees has changed dramatically over preceding decades and will continue to evolve in the future” Introduction Every manager is different in their approach to managing staff and in modern day society leadership is becoming a more vital aspect of management. The business sector in today’s …


In the beginning there was the word: leader-managers. I will begin this essay by briefly differentiate between a leader and a manager. A manager has subordinates, meaning he has power over the people under him, while a leader has followers, people who are willing to follow and not obliged to. …

The Theories of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers

Maslow and Rogers come from a school of thought, which is referred to as Humanistic. Such an approach steers away from the idea that man is a robot, who is the total product of outside forces, as the Behaviorist would maintain; or that man simply results from the interaction of …

Consumer Decision Making-Process

Challenged with competing products, companies are finding it more important to understand why a consumer would choose one product over another. To do this, the company needs to recognize the complex decision-making process a consumer goes through. The variety of products is always expanding, but with the consumers’ limited temporal …

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