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Problem Solving Essays

Importance of Dialogue: Madhesi Conflicts and Forms of Intervention in Nepal

Neglected issues of Identity and representation of Madhesis’ have been fermenting in Nepal for decades. But Nepal has undergone series of systemic changes in past 20-25 years and became republic after civil war (1996-2006); promulgated its’ constitution (Sept 2015) which is still in process of evolution and democracy has been …

Role of Agency Theory in Solving Agency Conflicts Between Managers And Shareholders

Shareholder (principals) employ managers (agents) to work for them in turning their dreams into a reality. They transfer the rights of decision making and control of operations to the agents who act in their (principal) best interest. This paper discusses the role of agency theory in curbing agency conflicts between …

The Benefits of Arts in Early Childhood Development

I have seen parents asking me, “Is arts really necessary for young children?”. Some believe aesthetic skills are not as important as cognitive, social or language. But watching children will make us believe that it is necessary. We can see children dancing to music, singing rhymes/songs (Swim, Terri Jo 2015). …

Aristotle's Fundamental Principles of Nature

In Metaphysics VII, Aristotle marvels and deeply reflects on what change is, and what is fundamental to our world for change to be possible in it. He inquires into the fundamental principles of nature by attempting to describe what happens in a process of change, in hopes of developing a …

Stopping the Abuse of the Drugs by Students

Study drugs such as Adderall and Vyvanse are widely abused on college campuses in the United States, creating seen and unseen complications for college students. This is significant as the misuse of these drugs and lead to immediate and long term medical issues, therefore it is necessary for universities and …

Six-Step Problem Solving Process

Individuals are sometimes faced with multiple problems that force one to apply effective thinking solutions through the process called problem-solving. According to Fischer, Greiff, and Funke (2012, p.21), problem-solving denotes a process of formulating effective solutions to complex issues. When one is faced with a challenge, there is a need …

Problem solving partnerships using the SARA model

SARA is an effective problem solving model used by the police to identify and solve the problems within a community. Law enforcers and crime analysts use this model to study the issues that are created from everyday environment and also to make improvements in the problem-oriented policing. SARA process involves …

Individual Strengths and Problem Solving Techniques

Individual strength and group process Currently I am involved in a group setting that is engaged in community organizing. This group setting is different from any types of organization that work or communicate with the general public. Community organizing is a kind of group setting that maintains direct link to …

Problem Solving In Mathematics

Learning problem solving is never a spectator game. The learners have to be actively involved if any meaningful learning has to take place. Different teachers use different strategies and techniques. In teaching contents, the teacher has no option but to master strategies and skills that will inspire learners to become …

How Confirmation Bias and Fixation Interfere with Effective Problem Solving?

Confirmation bias refers to a type of selective thinking where one tends to notice and to look for what confirms one’s beliefs. It can be difficult to encounter something or someone without having a preconceived opinion. You only see one way to approach a problem or idea, and that’s your …

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