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Critical Reflection Essays

Critical Reflection of a pen

This long and daunting task which took me ages to write all started about two weeks ago when my owner took me out of her top draw in her desk and pressed me against the paper. Together we started to write some notes for her piece on the famous face. …

Reflection on “The 310 Story”

When I first signed up for this class, I knew practically nothing about women’s studies, women’s issues, gender studies, gender roles, etc.  The term “genderification” was not a part of my vocabulary; I didn’t even think it was a word.  Honestly, I needed this class to fulfill a requirement for …

Personal Development in Adult Social Care Settings

Life is very much about learning and development, from childhood right through to adulthood and beyond. We all as individuals have many characteristics that define us as individuals, we begin to learn attitudes built around belief systems around us at the time of upbringing, and as we mature we learn …

"Spring Pools" by Robert Frost

Robert Frost refers to those poets who harmoniously combine romantic and Victorian styles. He prefers natural beauty, the embodiment of which is nature. But it does not just serve as a reason for admiration. It acts as a powerful stimulus leads the author to an understanding of its inmost secrets. …

Academic Record vs. Potential

Do you feel that your academic record (I.e. grades, course load, etc.) is an accurate reflection of your ability and potential? In comparison to your college friends and classmates, do you feel that you were particularly advantaged or disadvantaged? Although my recent academic performance is excellent, I wasn’t always able …

Critical reflection on an incident: Personal Development

This essay will focus on an incident that I have reflected on in my previous critical reflection. I shall use this as the basis for this essay and expand on and explore the issues that arise from the topics uncovered. During the break of a lecture on genograms, I was …

Baby think it over Reflection

When we were children, we depended on our parents to help us grow, provide us with food, clothing, shelter, and nurture us. However, as we grew older, we became more independent, learning how to do things for ourselves, and care for ourselves. This independence does not last very long because …

Refraction of Light in Perspex Prisms

Questions 1. What is the relationship between the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction? The angle of incidence (formed by the ray of light travelling though air into a slab of rectangular perspex) is not directly proportional to the angle of refraction (angle formed between the ray travelling …

Optical Fibres

Originally, a device known as the ‘photophone’ was used to transmit sound. This replaced Thomas .A. Edison’s ‘phonograph. Since the development of optical fibres ‘photo phones’ and ‘phonographs’ are no longer used or needed. Optical fibres have many advantages; they enable the sound messages to carry for 50km without any …

Prism reflecting Light

Light Effects Refraction, reflection and dispersion are all processes which happen when a ray of light is shone at either a glass block, a mirror or a prism. The ray box is the light source. Mirror When the ray box is shone at a mirror the angle of incidence is …

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