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Teaching Philosophy Essays

Mr. Gradgrind’s Teaching Philosophy With Sissy Jupe’s Creativity and Imaginative Thinking

Satire is a powerful literary tool used by writers and social commentators to entertain and reform by exposing a problem in society, combining comedy and criticism. Classic examples of satirical writing include Moliere’s Tartuffe and Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” but Charles Dickens was also a master of satire. As …

Facts About the Formation of My Teaching Philosophy

I’ve had great teachers throughout my course of study that definitely ignited my hunger for knowledge and may have possibly imparted some desire to teach, but it is my belief that being a parent has shaped and cultivated my teaching philosophy.  A child’s first teacher is his parent(s). Even during …

“Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor

Is a short-story surrounding Hulga, a woman who is stolen from by a false bible-salesman. The story introduces Hulga as a grumpy, thirty-year-old woman living with her mother. She had changed her name from Joy to Hulga, with no offense to her mother who named her, when she turned twenty-one. …

Teaching Philosophy Is Very Essential to Be a Successful Educator

I was an assistant professor in the subject of mathematics and I have an experience of 9 years. During my experience, I have seen many ups and downs. To enhance my teaching practice when I came to New Zealand then I came to know that why my teaching practice was …

About My Main Focus As a Teacher

As an individual it is important to analyze and prioritize personal values, however, it becomes more crucial when that individual is a teacher affecting the lives of the future generations to come. Having the opportunity to shape young minds every day is one of my favorite aspects of being a …

The Heart of the Matter: My Philosophy of Education

Abstract Let us get to the heart of the matter. I believe wholeheartedly that every child, no matter how diverse, is capable of learning. The key to successful learning is fostering a positive teacher-student relationship, displaying patience and grace, having endless amounts of compassion, and giving appropriate instructional guidance. In …

Teaching Philosophy

Abstract Every teacher has his or her own reasons for wanting to take up the not necessarily enviable task of cultivating the minds of hundreds of students, each of whom has their own personal backgrounds and idiosyncrasies. In teaching, teachers give a part of themselves that is wholly immaterial, making …

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