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Individual Essays

Individual Essay Samples & Examples

Individual essays are the type of written assignment, which contains information about the famous person. These type of tasks is typical for students of all faculties and areas of studies. Such composition aims to present to the reader the achievements of distinguished personalities. The nature of the assignments can be both descriptive and analytical. The main goal of the writer working on the creation of individual essays is to dwell upon the achievements of the popular person and present them from a critical perspective.

The topicality of individual essays broadly varies. A student can dwell upon the personalities from history, politics, economy, literature, etc. The aim of the author id to demonstrate his ability to think critically, conduct analysis and present his thoughts to the target audience understandably and concisely. A student has to possess good writing skills.

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Impact of Social Media on Relationships and Self-estimation

Social media has been found to be a significant factor in the higher levels of loneliness in the generation of today, higher levels of anxiety, envy, narcissism, depression and most of all the decreased social skills in the frequent users. However, these adverse effects are difficult to tell in the …

The Trouble in Me

1) Watch out for bad influence and bad peer pressure. Some people are getting in trouble and are bad people because of the people who they surround himself with. It’s called peer pressure, doing something that your peers encourage you to do, there is good peer pressure but there is …

About Peer Pressure

Peer pressure? We have all have experienced it throughout life . We all know and can relate on what it feels like to be pressured by someone. Today in our society, it impacts on kids in this generation in a vast aspect. Teenagers feel social pressure in a numerous ways …

Many Aspects of My Life

The topic of values is broad, abstract, and subjective. These qualities make values difficult to ascribe to individuals or groups in a concise way. Values, like most worthwhile things in life, demand reflection and ongoing thoughtful consideration as one learns and grows. Whether defining a person’s own system of beliefs …

Individual's transition in The Blue Bouquet

In “The Blue Bouquet,” Octavio Paz discusses the idea how a traumatizing event can affect an individual’s transition from innocence to experience. Octavio Paz demonstrates how the transition from innocent and immaturity to experience and maturity is ultimately necessary. The main character in this short story is put into a …

Supervise a Team in a Business Environment

1.1, 1.2: By working together as a team towards a goal/ objective helps the team become stronger and more focused towards targets/aims. This is due to individuals being able to build personal confidence while working together and enables people to be more assertive in their strong areas. By supervising the …

Hofstede Model , Guatemala, and Sweden

Abstract According to the Mooij and Hofstede (2010), the Hofstede Model assumes the role of defining a culture by noting the differences inherent within. Specifically, this model contains five dimensions which can be applied to countries in order to spell out these differences. Dimensions used in the Hofstede model are …

Analytical Approaches to Information Technology

Effective Team Meeting      Every organization in their present society are composed by different and diverse individual bounded together to realize and fulfill a common pursuit or interest. These individuals pit down together their talents, resources and abilities to achieve effectively their common goal, which is their organization mission. As …

Factors Influencing Individual Identity

Individual identity could be influenced by many factors. These factors are family, friends, culture, gender, personal interests, appearance, environment and many more. Some of the factors likely have more impact than others and some may have not any impact at all. Part of individual ethnicity is culture. Culture could be …

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