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Analytical Approaches to Information Technology

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Effective Team Meeting

     Every organization in their present society are composed by different and diverse individual bounded together to realize and fulfill a common pursuit or interest. These individuals pit down together their talents, resources and abilities to achieve effectively their common goal, which is their organization mission. As such, because of the incorporated diversity in the personal factor and individuality of each member of the organization, fulfilling their operations requires effective and efficient management approach towards their success.

     The aspect of organizational management incorporates several approaches and strategies for the systematic allocation and planning of each of the required tasks and responsibilities of the organization. Through this system, the higher management sector of the organization relates down the needed tasks and responsibilities in their operation relevant to their cause and the achievement of their success. Because of this, communication becomes an important element in the organizational management system as this manifest to be the bridge between the different individual involved in the organization and the subsequent levels they belong with. Particularly in the communication aspect, the issue of team meeting becomes the common and most effective approach in the organizational management field.

     Team meetings are basically the core operations that control the systems that are being presented to several group arrangements. However, coming up with meeting appointments alone brings up the different challenges on the part of the administration that particularly implies the meeting sessions, moreover, the challenges are even much harder to deal with when the meetings are already performed. What are these particular problems that affect team meetings? How do they particularly affect the said meetings and how are they supposed to be dealt with? These questions shall be addressed upon in the paragraphs that follow.

Problems Affecting Team Meetings


Most likely, people involved in meetings are also part of different areas of responsibilities making it necessary for them to attend to their jobs during different schedules, this is the reason why scheduling the meeting may be of a hard task to complete. This could be faced by the one administering the meeting through collecting the schedules of the individuals concerned and approach them for invitation at the most convenient time available for them. Likewise, the schedule of the meeting should also be arranged in a manner that no job responsibility of the meeting audience would be jeopardized.


     If the meetings are to last for hours, keeping the attention of the audience may cause challenges. To do so, visual aides could be used as well as icebreakers in between allotted minutes of the meeting agenda.


     Individuals as they are, the audience should be expected to have different ranges of understanding. For this reason, it is important that the said ranges of understanding be considered for the sake of general comprehension on the part of the audience. To meet this problem, a common language that is understandable to everyone invited in the meeting should be used as well as technicalities that are common to all. This should be carried on to consideration throughout the meeting procedure.


The meeting agenda should include open forums whereas the audience could suggest abut what has been talked about in the meeting. What is important is that everyone else in the room is given their own voice, a part that is important in terms of the satisfaction of the audience upon the outcome of the meeting.


After the meeting, it is very important that the administrators further assure themselves and their audience that they are indeed able to comprehend with the entire agenda of the meeting. To do this, it might be necessary for the administrators to ask questions and ask for clarifications from the audience and vice versa.


     From this discussion, it is undeniable that the system to be followed by administrators is patterned on the concern that they have on the level of comprehension that their audience should have. The idea is that the more they are concerned of the audience, the more effective the meetings become. By being effective, the agenda of the meetings performed would then be considered worthwhile.


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TIME & ENERGY Pty Ltd PO Box 1860, Sunnybank Hills, Qld, 4109, Australia. http://www.timeandenergy.com.au; Email: [email protected] (October 25, 2007)

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