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Graphic Design Essays

Benefits of Programming Design Activities Within an Architectural Organisation

Programming design activities within an Architectural organisation has many relevant advantages in terms of timing, costs, coordination and problem-solving. An Architectural organisation use to carrying-out a huge number of different projects. Without an efficient programming plan, this would be much more complicated and probably not enough profitable. In order to …

Seven Characteristics That Support a Good Project

Chartered Institute of Building (Great Britain). (2014) asserts that if you interact with any designer, he/she may tell you that it is difficult to come up with a good project. This is because users of the final product have different tastes and preferences. What may appear good to one user …

Do You Want to Online Artwork? Motion Designer Is the Best Job for You

Do you want to make films or online artwork? Motion Designer is the best job for you. To be a motion designer you must be familiar with the basics of both animation and graphic design. I think it’s a very cool job because you are doing what you like. You …

Designing Design Education

In this section, we will introduce a perspective on some of the challenges of fitting design into the academic programmes of higher educations. This is to be seen in the light of the on-going debate about how to frame design as its own independent research paradigm (Gaver 2012). In the …

“Spirit of the Times” the Lost Generation  

During the time of the lost generation graphic design and advertising had a huge impact on the sociopolitical context of the time. I am going to be writing about how graphic design forms a portrait of the lost generations and how this generation impacted graphic design and advertising. I will …

Software Quality Alternative Assessment

When working on software projects, they can become very complex. The order of different software functions are utilised in. the vast number of different inputs to do in the software. Software engineers must ensure that the multitude of operational possibilities is correctly defined and developed. Software errors can be present …

Open Innovation (OI) Flashcards

Open innovation (OI) refers to the integration of focused knowledge outflows and inflows to enhance core innovation and to extend its market by generating information from the external environment (Manetti & Bellucci, 2016). Once implemented, it is possible for the firm to expand its precincts and establish a strong symbiotic …

New Internet Architecture From Scratch

These days many most of the people worldwide use the Internet for the information exchange and software services advancement. The evolution of this platform day to day is creating new demands like performance, security, content distribution etc. The way the present-day Internet architecture is does not satisfy or fulfill the …

 Data Visualization in Web Development 

Today with the advanced in science and technology, I see a rapid change in data visualization/presentation. According to Kirk (2016), Data can be presented in different form which make more meaning (p.21). Data which are the simple raw information are collected using different methods/tools, survey and these collected data are …

Internet of Thing (IoT)

We see the IoT as of billions of sensible, connected “things” (a type of “universal international neural network” within the cloud) which will include each facet of our lives, and its foundation is that the intelligence that embedded process provides. The IoT is comprised of sensible machines interacting and communication …

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