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 Data Visualization in Web Development 

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Today with the advanced in science and technology, I see a rapid change in data visualization/presentation. According to Kirk (2016), Data can be presented in different form which make more meaning (p.21). Data which are the simple raw information are collected using different methods/tools, survey and these collected data are analyzed and presented in a better way based on the audience’s requirements. Since data are complex and huge it is hard to understand as well as not easy to make the conclusion in a short time. We can present these huge data in a simple and easier way to understand form using different chart or graph. With the representation, it is more attractive or fancy that give the overall of the data in a simple way. which even help to memorize about the summary of data faster and longer.

I am a web developer, with improvement in information technology, we can do the survey or collect data using modern browsers as today we don’t need to go and collect the data face to face. These collected data can be presented in different forms such as graph, charts or maps. According to Teller(2013), Picturizing data is taken as the form of data visualization which contains a story to audience and should be present in a good look way (p.164).

As a web developer, it’s my responsibility that I should present these data in a best way so that the user or audience can analyzed or understand so fast. For example, in future project if I must show the range of data than I have to present that data in range chart, likewise, to present the portion of data than I will use the pie chart. Presenting of the right chart or graphs for right data is one of the web developer or designer responsibility. I do create the table everyday to present the data and these table can be sorted, filters and pagination (based on stockholder’s/ customer’s choice).

Today in the web development, we have advanced with the JavaScript library for the data visualization such as D3.js., chart.js and so on. I used mainly D3.js in the current project to create different charts and graphs. Today, after taking this class, it helps me to make a right charts or graphs for the targeted audiences. I will try to use the best chart or graphs so that the audience can easily understood, analysis and make a conclusion easily. I felt more motivated to put the input for the team about the choosing the right charts for the projects.

Currently I work in an agile mythology and after this class, I got motived to see the Jira burn chart for my project. We have two weeks sprint and we do create different stories/tasks for the projects. We estimate these stories (stories are the issues or tasks) about how long it will tell to finish certain task/issues. I can see the graph that will tell about the estimation, the remaining work and guideline (tell where the team need to be at that time). Even I can see and analyzed the epic burndown chart of my team.

As a web developer, I do use the regular expression for pattern matching and search/replace in JavaScript. I do use the form validation with regular expression for example for telephone or email matching. According to Flanagan(1998), regular expression will do pattern of character (p.165). I will pick the best color for developing or designing the chart or graph (based on targeted audiences) the way I do use knowledge/experience for web design.

We can tell that data visualization or data presentation should be presented in right way. We cannot read/understand the complex and huge data, but these data presented in different form can be easily understood. While presenting the data in chart or graph, the audience should be targeted audiences. As I am being web developer/designer, it got so much confidence about the best way to present data for the right audience including best color, correct size.

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