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New Internet Architecture From Scratch

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These days many most of the people worldwide use the Internet for the information exchange and software services advancement. The evolution of this platform day to day is creating new demands like performance, security, content distribution etc. The way the present-day Internet architecture is does not satisfy or fulfill the increasing demands. Basing the present-day network infrastructure this architecture can be built to solve the problems that are occurring. Clean slate approach is being focused these days. In this clean slate approach the aim is to build the new internet architecture from scratch, doing this brings new important challenges which includes need for creating multiple projects and innovations into an architecture and to test for real experimentation. The thoughts from all the researchers all over the world must be conducted.

Present day internet has been designed with the principles years ago. This is not able to survive the network attacks due to lack of security embedded in the base architecture, also for the implementation of new functions we must implement through myopic and clumsy ad hoc structure on top of the present architecture.

Present structure or design of internet is intrinsic which makes it hard to change. With the increase in technology made new features and capabilities available which makes it hard for the present structure of internet to handle it with the old design principles. Examples are like virtualization techniques, wireless networks, significant computational resources. With all these advancements, it’s hard to match them with the present architecture ad-hoc patches particularly in the commercial context.

The most essential changes need for the internet present day are:

  1.  Security
  2. Content Distribution
  3. Mobility

Security: On current Internet architecture security is perimeter based and not integral part which cannot control the prior authorization on the heavy data sent form source to destination. Example for this as the spams in emails, cookies, pop-ups etc. the inclusion if the authentication on the sources and destination as well as intermediate systems should be considered in the future internet architecture along with the location privacy, data privacy, and data integrity. The security of internet is based on the add-ons that is protocols, although protocols are secure they cannot protect the overall security of the internet architecture against the attacks. Talking about the communications the privacy if these conversations includes not only the encryption of the data exchanged in the communication but also protect the communication itself which includes the interaction or the relation between the both parties.

Content Distribution: In the present-day architecture, it is more like host- to – host delivery of packets which could have been diversely build around the data and content and users instead of considering machines.

Mobility: Network access is found everywhere. The solution is the new clean- state architecture which is based on new design principles. Like Feldman mentioned there are two ways to evolve or change the present system.

Increment or Evolve: To go from one state to another adding the incremental patches.

Clean-state: Creation of the total redesigned system from first step to include all the corrections and improvements regarding the performance and functionality basing on the new principles.

During last 30 years using an incremental approach the internet has been successful. This does show the improvement but the researches have reached a state where it turns to be hard to experiment on current internet architecture. So now it is time for the clean slate approach. Clean slate exactly includes to initiate a new thinking and design the different type of architectures and test them on the real-time scenarios. This is done with the experimentation with the different architecture plans and give them the real deployment chances on a new network of gradually into the present network.

Worldwide there are several projects in progress by programmers and network researchers. The success of them depends on the testing their projects real large scale networks but not effecting the working ones. It is hard to experiment the projects on current internet architecture because many of them are held by the major stake holders who would not risk their network open to experimentation. The major three steps to get to working of the present project modes are:

  1. Making innovations to the present-day internet architecture.
  2. Develop a celebrative project connecting several innovations made into overall architecture.
  3. Testing on the real scale.

There are few projects developed and classified by geographic diversity around the world mainly in The United states, Japan, The European, China.

Projects from The United states: GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations). This is a program to provide experimental test-bed (large scale) for the test and validation of the future architecture of Internet. It allows to experiment with the real user being in real conditions for the clean-slate programs.

The two key pieces of GENI are:

  1. An expandable physical network which can expand on building blocks.
  2. Assembling the building blocks into a facility with management framework.

One noticeable feature of GENI is the measurement and instrumentation support that is designed to support the extensible testbed to experimentation eventually. The high capacity optical network and featured and programmable code, different wireless technologies and sensors are composed in GENI infrastructure.

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