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Six-Step Problem Solving Process

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Individuals are sometimes faced with multiple problems that force one to apply effective thinking solutions through the process called problem-solving. According to Fischer, Greiff, and Funke (2012, p.21), problem-solving denotes a process of formulating effective solutions to complex issues. When one is faced with a challenge, there is a need to apply an appropriate and effective solution to that problem. However, the method of solving each problem should be unique and appropriate to the type of problem being solved since each problem is distinctive. Still, a general process of solving many problems can be used. According to Fadden, James, and Pinfold (2012, p.2), this process has six steps namely problem definition, problem analysis, generating possible solutions, analysis of the solutions, selecting the best solution(s), and planning the next action course. This essay will discuss and present through a problematic scenario that the above six steps are effective in solving a problem.

In case I find myself in a situation such as a scenario one, I will begin by diagnosing and defining the problem I might be facing. Here, I may be facing the challenge of being in a dilemma while trying to make the best decision to get myself out of this situation. This is a dilemma since I am dealing with two companies in which I need to choose one to work for. One is a competitor of my former company. The competitor has a more appealing job offer because of its better salary and other attractive benefits. This offer comes when I am about to complete my college bachelor’s degree.

However, I still have to go for a master’s degree to be in line with the supervisor if I will choose the competitor company. Thus, my problem is to decide whether I should go to the competitor company or stay and expect a promotion.

After the problem definition, I will settle to analyze my problem. During this step, I will check my position and assess the situation as I try to find out the cause of the problem. I will assess the benefits I get at my company and carefully compare and contrast them with those of the new company that can employ me. I will base my comparison on short, medium and long-term benefits. This will give me insights on whether I should go for the new company or remain in my current one. Apparently, remaining in my current company gives me a potential chance of getting a higher rank after the promotion. I will also get tuition reimbursement. Furthermore, I will continue with my master’s studies. However, if I opt for the competitor company, I will get a salary increment, relocation compensations, and car allowances. The new job looks more promising because my former supervisor works in the competitor company and is ready to recommend me. Unfortunately, my examination date coincides with my reporting date to work.

The next step is to generate potential solutions to my problem. As specified by Small enterprise development in-service mining manual (n.d, p.6), I will formulate a number of solutions but not go an extra step of evaluating them. This is based on the fact that during this stage, I need to utilize my ideas regarding problem-solving.

One possible solution is to remain in my current job in my company and anticipate a promotion. The other solution may be sending an application to the competitor company with expectations and request to report to work after completing my exams. Here, I have to resign from my present job. The third probable solution could be applying to the competitor company while still working in my present company.

In my third solution, I will request the competitor company to permit me to work after my final exams. These are mainly three likely solutions I will formulate concerning the problem.

Step four would be critically analyzing each solution. In this stage, I will note down the risks in each alternative formulated or proposed (McNamara, 2020, p.1). It will be advantageous if I stay with my current employer because I will have promotion potential since I will get my bachelor’s degree. I will also have an assurance of tuition to enable me further my education. However, this will lead to a loss of benefits in the competitor company that I would have got.

The alternative could be to work in the competitor company and get all the benefits. However, my hope would be shuttered if the competitor company does not offer me the best of my expectations if I have already resigned from my current job designation because I will be jobless. The third option is for me to either retain my job or shift to the new company. If my request to commence work after exams are denied, I can continue with my current job. Otherwise, I will go for the new job opportunity.

In step five, I will choose the appropriate solution from the analyzed three. During this step, it is imperative to consider the criteria used to select each solution (Living well Organization, 2019, p.1) Through this, I will select the best idea as the best solution. Depending on my analyzed solutions, I will opt for the first solution, to stick with my present job. This solution is most ideal to address my issue. It ensures that I have job security. Therefore, would not be interested in the job offer by the competitor company.

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