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Experiment Essays

Astronomy André Marie Ampère

Was a renowned man of mathematics, science, chemistry, astronomy, and physics. He was a self-taught individual, and although he had never attended school, he went on to teach at university level and make contributions to science. Though he had hard personal life, he was still able to make a huge, …

About My Experiment With Worm Named Zophobas Morio

Zophobas morio is the scientific name for super worms. The stage Z. morio go through is called metamorphosis, they go from an egg to a darkling beetle. My hypothesis stated that the Z. morio would choose the bananas over the coffee beans. During the experiment, I placed six mealworms in …

Investigating the Effects of Salt on Seed Germination

PROBLEM/RESEARCH QUESTION In this investigation, we are researching and investigating whether the concentration/percentage of NaCl (salt) in water affects the germination rate of seeds and if so, which concentration germinates the most seeds. We will formulate our research by conducting an experiment in which we will observe the germination of …

Investigating the Effect of Sodium Fluoride on Respiration in Yeast

Graph Showing the effect different volumes of Sodium Fluoride has on the average rate of production of H+ ions as measured by the colour change of resazurine Comment on Graph: The graph depicts a positive trend, as the amount of Sodium Fluoride increases the average rate of H+ ions as …

Identification of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins lab

Background: Carbohydrates are composed of only the elements Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen, and all carbohydrates have the same empirical formula: (C H O). They provide a source of energy to all cells. Plants manufacture their carbohydrates through the process of photosynthesis. Animals need carbohydrates to function, but they cannot produce …

Comparing the Effect of Different Antimicrobials on the Growth of Escherichia Coli

Background information “Antimicrobial is the name for a chemical that either kills or prevents the growth of microbes (‘bugs’ or ‘germs’) such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa. Some antimicrobials are produced by bugs themselves (e.g. penicillin is produced by the penicillium mould), others are designed in the laboratory. Different …

Biology Internal Assessment Soil pH

Question: In this experiment we will investigate how the moisture of the soil affects the growth of the Viola tricolor. Hypothesis: The soil that is closer to the nearest water has more moisture, meaning that the Viola tricolor that grow there have more access to water which leads me to …

Investigating Isotonic Point of a Potato

Aim: Finding the isotonic point of potato cells by testing it in different concentrations of salt water. This diagram shows the movement of water through hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic. But what are the arrangements of molecule for them? This is shown on this simple diagram. Hypothesis: I believe the isotonic …

Germination Lab Experiment

Introduction In this experiment we will be focusing on the factors, which influence the process of germination of a plant. Germination is the process when a seed sprouts from dormancy. The seeds are placed in soil or in any type of wet paper towel. It is basically the development of …

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