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Experiment Essays

Investigating the Effect of pH of Hydrogen Peroxide Upon the Activity of Catalase

Variables involved: Different pH levels will affect the Catalase enzyme by determining whether the enzyme activity will increase, decrease or if it will denature altogether, so the pH level of the Hydrogen Peroxide, which Catalase breaks down into oxygen and water, will be our independent variable. The temperature of the …

Pill Bug Vs Environment Lab

Background Information- Pill Bugs are also known as wood lice. Pill Bugs are actually isopods and not bugs. They are dark brown or black and they have 7 legs. Pill Bugs mostly eat rotten vegetation such as vegetables. Pill bugs live in wet locations. They are found under damp objects …

The Temperature Preference of Woodlice

The aim of this laboration was to see what temperature woodlice preferred in the range of 21C-25C. Hypothesis As woodlice burrow and prefer moist environment they are likely to prefer cool places over warm places, so they will probably seek away from the light. Variables Independent: Temperature. The temperature was …

Photosynthesis Experiment: Hill Reaction

Aim of the Experiment: To analyse the effects of light intensity on photosynthesis via the Hill reaction. Research Question: How does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis more precisely the rate of reaction in photosystem II, at the primary acceptor location? Hypothesis: In the light dependant reactions, an artificial …

Isotonic Drinks

Electrolytes are nutrients that affect the fluid balance in our bodies and are required for the nerves and muscles in our body to function. When electrolytes dissolve, they produce ions that carry electrons from one electrode to another. The more soluble a substances is, the stronger the electrolyte is. The …

Experimental Design Notes

Hypothesis: an explanation of an observation, written as a statement and testable. Can be based on previous knowledge Variables a characteristic or property capable of taking on a range of values and with the potential taffect things Independent variables: variable set before starting the investigation Dependent variables: variable that is …

Biology - Observing the Process of Guttation

How I came up with the idea of this investigation: There was a day when there was a mosquito flying near the plants in my house and I tried to catch it, so I found the nearest large plastic lid and placed it on top of the bamboo plant with …

The Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide

Experimental Design Focus Question What is the empirical formula for magnesium oxide? Hypothesis The combustion of magnesium will generate data which can be used to calculate the empirical formula of magnesium oxide. Theory The following combination reaction was used in this experiment: Magnesium + Oxygen � Magnesium Oxide The Law …

Product of Rusting

Aim: The purpose of this experiment is to detect the metal oxidation that will lead to rust by using a ferroxyl indicator solution in the presence of Fe2+ ions. Hypothesis: The reaction would most probably occur in an acidic solution and it would be more pronounced on the nails where …

Fluid Dynamics - Free Surface Profiles in an Open Channel

The objectives of this laboratory experiment are to analyse the flow of water past a Sluice gate. Flow through a horizontal rectangular channel partially obstructed by a gate has been used to establish a hydraulic jump. Experimental measurements for upstream and downstream depths determining the free surface profile is compared …

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