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Biology Essays

Prenatal Gender Selection: Genetic Culling is Changing the World

In the modern day, amazing progress has been made in technologies surrounding pregnancies and births. One of these technologies is the ability to select the gender of a child before birth. Known as prenatal gender selection, this has many positive impacts upon society, including preventing gender-related genetic diseases, and family …

The Number Of Gene Disorders In Americans

According to Global Genes, “rare diseases effect one in [every] ten Americans.” From this statistic, it is fairly assumed that 30 million people have a rare disease in the United States alone (Global Genes). Food and Drug Administration processes are long and expensive. The waiting time to get a new …

Crispr Is The New Tomorrow

Throughout history, there has been a rise in technology and we don’t seem to be going back. There has also been a rise, specifically, in scientific technology. Since DNA has been discovered; scientist have been forming new ideas and technology of gene editing. One controversial gene editing technology that has …

What Should Be Done About Biodiversity Loss In Agriculture

This article is about a new ecological study on how past climate change affected the planets ecosystem and how that data is being represented in figuring out how climate change is going to affect the planet in the future. In this article the main argument is that climate change is …

My Thoughts About Forest Fires: Devastating Natural Disaster

Forest Fires have become one of our nation’s biggest obstacles. In the world, there are 10,000 wildfires that burn up to four million to five million acres a year. Most wildfires are started by one of two ways either by humans or naturally started. Most natural fires are caused by …

How to Decorate your Landscape: Flowers, Bulbs, Grass, Herbs, Trees, Conifers and Shrubs

Ornamental plants are used for highlights to a garden. They come in a variety of flowers, bulbs, grass, herbs, trees, conifers and shrubs. Certain ornamentals that blossom draw hummingbirds and butterflies while others purely add color. Fritillaria pontica is a type of spring flourishing herbaceous perennial bulb from the Lily …

Burning the Future of the Upper West Region Because of Cutting Down Trees Without Replacing Them

The major economic activity of the Upper West Region is agriculture with extremely and difficult challenging conditions for farmers. Known as the poorest region in the country with one cropping season, climate change, the elimination or reduction in fallow and the lack of strategies and policies to return enough resources …

Many Scientific Breakthroughs In Our Time

Is it ethical to develop and grow human organs? Things like the invention of the light bulb, which provides lights for billions. The invention of vaccines, which bring viruses to eradication. and now we have the ability to develop and grow human organs in laboratories which would help supply the ever-lasting …

Let's Talk About a Silk and Silkworms: Adorable, Furry Moths

Silkworms are adorable, furry moths. However, they can not fly, only hop. This is because of mankind. Humans have bred only the weakest ones over and over so that the silkworms wouldn’t fly. Why would we not want to let them fly? Well, we need to maintain them for more …

Cruelty To Animals For Food

As we learned in class, animals are horribly abused and mistreated for the purpose of human consumption, especially in greasy, processed, unhealthy fast-food. Animals should receive better treatment from humans because they have similar biology, cognitive processes and complex cognition, feelings and emotions, behavior, and they have made many contributions …

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