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What Should Be Done About Biodiversity Loss In Agriculture

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This article is about a new ecological study on how past climate change affected the planets ecosystem and how that data is being represented in figuring out how climate change is going to affect the planet in the future. In this article the main argument is that climate change is happening at an alarming rate and if humans don’t act now there will be devastating and irreversible consequences to the Earth’s ecosystem. The point of this article is to inform readers how this will affect them and why people need to be concerned about climate change now.

The information in this article is reliable because it is backed by three dozen ecologists form around the world who have been researching past and future of climate change in order to understand and try to aid in the reversal of it. This source is very useful to my topic because it is being studied by ecologist took their time to study this issue. The goal of this source is to give backed scientific evidence in order to persuade the reader into caring about the earth’s diverse ecosystem.

This source was very helpful and interesting to me because it gives possible outcomes of what will happen if humans continue this destructive path. The article also helps shape my argument because of the scientific research that is essentially backing my topic of biodiversity loss. I plan to use this source to add research and quotes by leading ecologists. This article has not changed my views but is has put into perspective on how rapid the Earth’s ecosystem is being depleted.This article is arguing that land degradation is becoming a steadily increasing problem that will affect everyone in the foreseeable future. This article also gives the what, why, and how land degradation is going to impact the way humans live and shows how humans are the cause of the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

The topics covered in this article are land degradation, how the earth’s natural resources are being depleted, and how humans need to completely change in order to stop further destruction. The author is trying to help people understand why this issue is in fact a big deal. The author explains how humans will be impacted if we continue to deplete our natural resources and what will happen if we continue to cause destruction on our diverse ecosystem. This is a very useful source because it gives a question and answer to help back its main argument. This source is different because it is giving answers, by scientist, to questions that give the bigger picture of the real issues. This is reliable research because the author is an ecologist and the co-chair of the Intergovernmental science-policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

My goal for this source is to give some strong examples backed by science to show why this is happening. This source is helpful because it is not necessary on biodiversity loss, but it is about the rapid land degradation which goes hand in hand with biodiversity loss. This article gave me an insight and questions to ask myself on why this is an important issue, not only for myself but for the fate of the biodiverse ecosystem we live in. This source is backed by an ecologists who study these specific issues, which will help aid my arguemt. The article hasn’t really changed how I feel about the topic, but it has given me more confirmation on why I should use this issue as my topic.

This article discusses how a change in the 1973 Endangered Species Act (ESA) could have a detrimental impact on threatened plant and animals’ species because of the possibility of losing their habitats. The author writes about the proposed revisions to the ESA and what people on both sides of the argument have to say about it. The point of this article is to show the reader why the proposed revision to the ESA could be disastrous to species that will need protection in the future. The topics that are covered in this article are mainly about the Endangered Species Act, what it entitles, and what the Department of the Interior plan on changing within the ESA. .

This is a useful source for me because it is giving input from people who are on both sides of the argument. This article is a bit different from my other articles because it is showing what the ESA is and what they plan on changing within it. I believe this is a reliable source because its main source are lawyers at the Natural Resource Defense Council. These people are dedicated to fighting for species, who don’t have their own voice fight for their own rights. This source is not bias because it is giving viewpoints for both sides of the argument.

This a helpful source because it is showing what the provisions to the Endangered Species Act will enviable do to the habitats of species. This article has made me read more into the ESA and even change my thinking a little. I do feel like a law that was written in 1973 maybe a little outdated and could use some changes, but the proposed changes by the Department of the Interior would only aid big corporations. This will aid my argument because it is giving experience from people whose job it is to fight for species.

This article is about how plants are going extinct at a rapid rate with humans to blame. It also covers briefly why we need biodiversity on earth, not only for human use but for animals that will go extinct if their main food source goes extinct. Small changes at the bottom of the food chain can have detrimental impact higher up the food chain. The point of this article is to show, with scientific facts, that plants are going extinct at a rapid rate and in order to save our earth’s biodiversity we as humans need to help fix it.

I feel this source is useful because it is short and to the point while helping aid my argument. This source is similar to my other resource because it is using the words of scientist who are devoted to researching this topic. I don’t feel this is a bias source because it is reporting to inform the people on what the issues are and what people should do to help fix it. The goal of this source is to inform, I will use this source to confirm points and aid my personal argument.  The main arguments in this article are to show how much of an affect climate change has had on agriculture for hundreds of years. Native plant species do have the ability to adapt over time but with temperatures rapidly changing means plants don’t have the time to adapt. This article talks about how land for agricultural use is rapidly decreasing in addition to how climate change might not be the only cause.

Humans have been taking advantage of the earth’s natural resources and are also to blame for land degeneration. This source is useful to my argument and will help me show how this is not just a current problem but has been a problem for many years. I feel this is a reliable source because it is written by who’s family had been farming since 1915 and have dealt with the repercussions of climate change. The goal of this article is to give some examples of someone who has been impacted by this issue. This source was helpful to aid my argument because it is not about biodiversity but it is about how farmland is necessary and how it is becoming scarce at a rapid rate. This article has some really great quotes that I believe will fit into to my essay in order to make a strong argument.

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