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Ecology Essays

The Effect of Turbidity on the Abundance of Riffle Beetles

The Effect of Turbidity on the Abundance of Riffle BeetlesIntroduction: In this study, the goal is to determine the effect of turbidity on the abundance of riffle beetles. Those that are carrying out the experiment will learn what effects that low and high turbidity have on riffle beetle abundance. It …

The Meadows Center Glass-Bottom Boat Tour 

There are diverse environments in Texas from woods to deserts, Texas offers us something different around each corner, such as a rare jewel. The Meadows Center glass-bottom boat tour offered me a chance to ride a historic glass boat, seeing many native wildlife throughout, with the exception of a few …

About The Rescue And Conservation Of Wildlife

When the world thinks of wildlife rescue and conservation, the first person that comes to mind for us all is the one and only, Steve Irwin. For years, the world used to gather around the television, tune in to Animal Planet, and watch a man who had enough compassion to …

The Effects of Building Construction on Wildlife Habitats

Conserving habitats is not an easy task. The number of threatened and endangered species in the United States and critical habitats are constantly being destroyed. With one quarter of mammal species at risk of extinction and amphibians on the decline, more needs to be done to protect wildlife habitats. Plans …

What Should Be Done About Biodiversity Loss In Agriculture

This article is about a new ecological study on how past climate change affected the planets ecosystem and how that data is being represented in figuring out how climate change is going to affect the planet in the future. In this article the main argument is that climate change is …

Mass Extinction Of Species On Earth

Unfortunately, the serious fact is the earth is facing a mass of extinction of species. Many species in the world are getting away from us with the rapid development of the society and the crazy expand of human activities. There are around 150-200 species going to extinct every 24 hours. …

Electric Cars - Vehicles That Care for the Next Generation

The future is bright for brands such as Jaguar and BMW because electric vehicles are much cheaper to sustain than gasoline fueled vehicles. The option for consumers to purchase luxury vehicles is one of many reasons why people are switching to electric powered vehicles. Many people do not know the …

Six Day War ( Third Arab-Israel War)

The third of the Israeli-Arab wars, also known as the Six-Day War, the June War, and the Third Arab-Israeli War, took place from June 5- June 10, 1967. The President of Egypt at the time, Gamel Abdel Nasser, ordered the United Nations Peacekeeping forces to abandon the Sinai Peninsula, amid …

Plane Wave Imaging of Coarse Grain Material

This research project aims to produce some helpful findings in improving the defect detectability of Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) on coarse grained materials especially using Plane Wave Imaging method (PWI). Common coarse-grained materials such as Copper and Cast stainless steel are widely used in industry. An example is the container …

The Film “Countdown to Zero”

Countdown to Zero recounts the history of the atomic bomb, from its origin to the present: nine countries have the ability to produce nuclear weapons with others rushing to join them, leaving the world in a delicate balance that can be affected by a terrorist act , diplomatic failure, or …

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